Ava Grace's Closet: Closet Update 2014 + A Reader Survey
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Friday, January 10, 2014

Closet Update 2014 + A Reader Survey

In 2014, I will...
do my eyes more
wear more pink
mix patterns
splurge on lipstick 
just buy the shoes
Update 2014
turleneck / skirt / coat / necklace / purse / booties / shoes /  naked 3 / ysl lipstick

What are your personal style goals in 2014?
It's about making YOU feel good about yourself. 

In an effort of making this space better this year, would you please take just a moment to fill out this quick reader survey?
Help me make this space more {or less!} of what you want to see.

Click here to take survey

Closes in 10 days.
Thank you so much + Happy Weekend!


  1. I love every. single. thing. on this collage! You are speaking my love language with this dear! Beautiful.

  2. Loving this whole outfit! I too am incorporating more pink in my wardrobe ... It works great with black!! - gives it a softer feel... Happy week-end, C. (HHL)

    1. I agree. I am wearing hot pink today...it's a slow transition. ;)

  3. oh i need that coat. confession: my style has been lacking lately...I find fashion hard when it is 2 degree outside. and then come warm weather i live in a swim suit...it is a ugly cycle.

  4. Dearest Susan,
    As much as I always loved blacks, I got lots of pinks as well...
    Enjoy your lifestyle blogging and wishing you another successful year!

  5. Great goals! I really love that pretty pink bag and those heels. My style goals for 2014 include experimenting more, featuring more of my real outfits on the blog and working with what's in my closet more.

  6. I love your resolutions. Especially your plan to just buy the shoes. I'm with you!

    Be sure to stop by my blog today and enter to win a big Stitch Fix giveaway!
    <3 Vicki

  7. i've been obsessing over my naked 3 palette!

  8. I'm so in love with that color block coat!!


  9. Just buy the shoes. I think that's my new goal. ;)

  10. I LOVE the boots and handbag!


I love reading every last one. Thanks so much for stopping by our little blog. xo.