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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Celebrating 58

Ah, marriage.
I read an amazing article here last week and have since shared it with many of my girlfriends.
I think we all go in thinking it will be all sunshine + roses but the reality is, marriage is hard. It is about 2 people doing everything together and having little time for one another.
It's about raising new lives.
It's about compromise.
And mostly, it's about realizing that the one who gave you butterflies will one day become less of that but more.
Your closest friend.
And somehow, you will learn to like this just as much as you once liked those butterflies.
My parent's are celebrating 58 years of marriage today.
Was it always easy? No.
Sunshine and roses? Some days.
But mostly, they are their own best friends. And sometime worse enemies.
The kind that couldn't live without each other. 
My father is at the head of the table with the crazy cool Elvis 'do. My mom is to his left. //  1960ish
My parents with my older brother Brian // 1962
There's the hair again. My mom on his right + my brother up front // 1964
I asked my mom to pull a few photos of the two of them. She sent me this. I think she likes the way her hair looks.
And yes, that would be me // 1970.
Julian's Baptism // 2002
Happy Anniversary nana + papa! 
We love you guys. 

And seriously, is my dad the cutest thing ever or what? 
I will forever be a daddy's girl. 


  1. Congratulations to your parents, Susan and thank you so much for sharing these photos, lovely memories!
    I assume the early photos have not been taken in Canada?

    Annette | Lady of Style

    1. Thank you Annette! Yes, they were taken back in Slovenia.

  2. Such a wonderful post...my husband and I just turned 29!! Friendship is the key...and understanding there are good and bad days as with anything.

  3. What a beautiful post and an AMAZING way to celebrate your parents anniversary.

  4. What a wonderful post and great photographs, I love pic number 5. Friendship is absolutely the key and at times the tenacity to grind forward however hard the circumstances, there has never been a divorce in the history of with of our two families, there have been times when we have had to remember that!

  5. What an amazing post! Happy Anniversary! I loved looking at the old photographs.

  6. Beautiful photographs ... and definitely a wonderful memories re-lived through them. Girl you still look the same as you did in 2002!!! Please share your secret(s) !!!! ....and wow looking at your baby photo ... Ava looks just like you. Happy anniversary to your parents .. many blessings for many, many, many more years...xo C. (HHL)

  7. awwwwwww this is so sweet!! happy anniversary!! So true you need to be friends...best friends.

  8. Dearest Ava,
    Congratulations for a long-term commitment! You write it so true with all its ups and downs which is natural and quite normal. All those that deny them are expert liars.
    My Parents will be celebrating their 65th, God willing... that is quite a number if you say it out loud a few times.
    You look so happy on the day of Julian's baptism; very radiant and beautiful as always.

  9. congratulations to them! i think my parents are close somewhere in the 40s, maybe close to 50. relationships ARE hard work! kudos to them for making it work!


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