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Thursday, December 5, 2013

What Ava Wore : A visit with Santa

I was never big on photos with Santa.
Every year, my older two would get a token shot with him at my then company's annual Christmas party and never really asked to do so otherwise.
But this kid? She saw him at the mall after dinner on Saturday night and didn't talk about anything else until Monday morning when I brought her back.
She was all dolled up. I may have brought a change of footwear.
Always best to go all out when meeting Santa and his elves.

dress - c/o FabKids
hair bow - c/o FabKids
boots - Target {$12!}
shoes - Joe Fresh 
Also know that this particular Santa {obviously sponsored by Bass Pro} is a fishing type. 
So yes, Ava may have been a tad overdressed in her fabulous FabKids frock but no matter. She still caught the big one.


  1. She is so cute! I don't think there is such a thing as overdressed when meeting the 'big guy'!

  2. soooooooooo cute!!!! I am so happy that I got the Fabkids dress I requested for Mia..up soon ;)
    I get very stressed trying to pick out places for the kids...but they're always so cute!

  3. She is too cute! It looks like she enjoyed her visit with Santa.


  4. Oh, that's so cute! Davis is a fan of meeting Santa... Sadie, not so much. A couple years ago she told him she didn't like his face, and didn't want to see it anymore. And so far, she has stuck to her guns. :)

  5. I love when they get so excited for Santa. It ends way too soon. She looks darling.

  6. Sweet little Ava!! She look adorable with fishing Santa!! LOL! Too funny!! I am hoping to take my kids this weekend. We do it every single year.

  7. Smiling ear to ear ... Ava looked so adorable ... loved that she quickly threw the "fish" back in the water ... she is a little fashionista!!! ... You should check out the Yorkdale Sanata... xo C. (HHL)

  8. Dearest Susan,
    That was a very cute post + video! She really was beaming with pride and you did dress her very well. Guess she will not fish for a living as she set it free in a hurry!

  9. totally adorable!!! loving that fabkids dress!! my son will not take photos with santa!

  10. Super cute! Lover her gold accessories! <3 Ax


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