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Friday, December 20, 2013

Looking Back on What I Wore

I get asked quite often why I blog.
The answer is, I blog for me. 
I love it.
It gives me something that is all mine + it's an amazing creative outlet.
Outfit photos? 
I wrote about it here when I looked back at last year's What I Wore posts.
My reasons are still the same. 
And I'm still having just as much fun. 
Fun Facts
readers favourite : camel honeycomb sweater + black pants
most popular look on facebook : black + white chevron dress 
times I wore my mama's vintage : 4
most asked about pieces : striped midi skirt + black one piece jumpsuit
times I almost froze while taking photos : 3
look I didn't plan to post + readers loved : cream blouse + black jeans
instagram favourite : dove grey full length dress
times I wore sunglasses : 18
most commented on non-giveaway post : blue DVF vintage dress
times my neighbours wondered what the heck I was doing : 36
my personal favourite : grey silk dress, cream leather + metallic

Thank you for staying along on this journey! 
Happy it's the last weekend before Christmas Friday 

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  1. I loved every look! So fun to see your year in review. :)

  2. What a FUN post! I loved every little bit of it. Laughed out loud at the neighbors comment. One of mine finally asked me the other day if I was receiving drug shipments (because of all of the package deliveries). I laughed and told him no, I'm just a blogger. If they were drugs, I'd actually make money! :) SO happy to have met you in blog land this year. Here's to a great 2014!

  3. Fun to see the review. I often ask my self why I do this too and come up with the same answer...I love it. Your pictures are good and really appreciate this. Plus I love your style and so relate to your choices. It takes a lot to do a good blog. I appreciate yours and thanks for sharing your style with me!

    blue hue wonderland

  4. I think you have the best reason for pursuing this! I am also one who finds blogging very fun--sharing words and ideas and funny stories and building a community--it's a blast! I can understand that other people wouldn't really find it fun, but those of us who do should enjoy it while we can!

  5. So many gorgeous looks! That last outfit is totally one of my faves!

  6. Dearest Susan,
    You sure look almost like a professional model in certain shots. It might be because you feel so at ease with your special photographer but in general you are a fun loving and very happy Mom!
    Hugs to you and looking forward to another year with blog visits that will be the same pleasure for sure.
    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

  7. I can see why the chevron dress is a favorite - it looks great on you!

  8. Love the fun facts! You are super brave with all that snow! Your neighbours must think you're nuts! Lol! Don't ever stop....I couldn't cope without my doses of Ava Graces Closet! <3 Ax

  9. I love all of the outfits. The facts are pretty interesting.

  10. haha, i have been caught by my neighbors several times....and that doesn't include the times that they probably watching me without my knowledge! lol.

  11. Hahah at being caught by your neighbors :)

  12. I have still only ventured out into the back yard and once to an Ottawa neighbourhood I did not know anyone in, just wait till spring though I am sire the neightbours will think I am razy. Great fun facts


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