Ava Grace's Closet: Christmas Wish List '13 // Stocking Stuffers
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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Wish List '13 // Stocking Stuffers

My husband and I took our own stockings down years ago but this remains one of my favourite traditions. 
I cannot tell you how ridiculously excited they are about opening them every year. 
Maybe more so than any actual gift. 
And I'm equally excited about finding unique goodies to fill them with. 
Here are just a few of the items I know would {and will!} make the cut this year. 

Gift Guide 2013

For the kids 
1. Ms. Ava is obsessed with snow men. She wants to make one every single time we have even an inch of snowfall. I love the vintage look of this one but found it to be sadly, sold out everywhere. I did find a similar one at Macy's, here. $15.99
2. We are forever trying to encourage a love of reading. This Rudolph bookmark might just sell Julian. $6.50
3. Stuck on You has a crazy amount of ideal gifts and stocking stuffers for little ones. These pencils + pencil crayons were recently sent to Ava and she just can't get enough of them. They're triangular {!} and perfect for little hands. $14.95 here.

For mama
Funny, I almost felt like I was choosing my own here. Oh wait, I was. 
1. This expandable tote bag would be the perfect addition to my TWELVElittle diaper bag. I am forever forgetting my shopping bags at home. This would ensure I always had one ready. $45 {sign up for their newsletter to save 15%}
2. On the top of my new favourite things. This convertible color in lillium. I think it would look good on just about everyone + it gets bonus points for working double duty on lips AND cheeks. $33
3. If I don't receive one {I really want two!} of these incredibly beautiful snowflakes for my Pandora bracelet, I plan on buying them  it for myself. Simply stunning. $55

For dad
1. Who doesn't want a plaid scarf? At this price, pick one up for you + for him. Find it at Forever XXI, here $5 
2. I only recently saw The Great Gatsby and LOVED it. The movie, the music! Just amazing. I know my husband would love this soundtrack. At Walmart, $12. 
3. And lastly, Canadian readers, any of the exquisite line of chocolates and treats available at Chapters are superb. The sea salt caramels are my favourites {sold out on line} but these sound equally amazing + we're all suckers for peanut butter 'round these parts. $19.50

For your teen
1. My son asked for this cologne. MY SON ASKED FOR THIS COLOGNE. This in itself is a small miracle. This from a boy who just a short while ago I had to fight every morning just to comb his hair. I may buy him two. Abercrombie + Fitch, $77.
2. Obsessed. That is the only way to describe my feelings for these eos lip balms. They will be in all of my three's stockings. and I will steal them all. $2.95 
3. I just picked up this infinity scarf for myself on the weekend. It is navy blue which in and of itself is hard to find, it isn't itchy AND it is crazy warm. They also have it in a bright pink and grey. Adorable. $7 

What kind of things do you like to find in your stocking?

Winner of the Stuck on You giveaway is Kayla Britt. Congrats! I will email you. 

PS - Want a chance to win the fun TWELVElittle tote above? Enter our group giveaway here
Ends Thursday. 


  1. Great picks!! A little something for everyone.

  2. Hmmm... Could shoes fit in my stocking? Ha! Love your picks, as always!

  3. I need to try eos lip balm! love your list and funny about the cologne!

    my hubs and i view stocking differently ... i think toys, trinkets, fun stuff ... he thinks tooth paste , socks, gum lol

  4. I always ask for lip and nail colors in my stocking. :) LOVE the snowman kit. We need to find one of those.

  5. Great pics! I have pretty much sorted out the kids stockings with a variety of things! They have some fun wee toys & some practical things like new slippers & cute character mugs! There are of course chocolate coins that need to be added too! A stocking isn't a stocking without chocolate coins in this house! Ax


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