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Thursday, November 7, 2013

What Ava Wore : Tee Pee

We had a few perfect fall days this week.
All of the the trees have changed colour + the leaves are just everywhere. 
The backyard has quickly become our favourite place to hang out on what might be the last few good days this year.  
beanie - H + M Kids
tee pee shirt - c/o Ily Couture
jacket - Kenzo Kids {not current // options one + two}
jeans - Baby Gap
shoes - Livie and Luca {sold out / brown suede version here}
If you're like me, then you're a longtime fan of Ily Couture.
Their jewels are some of the prettiest around.
But did you know they had clothing? Or kids t's? 
Nope. Neither did Ava Grace.
And she's loving this softest cotton ever one. 
Find it here.


  1. so excited to check them out..I LOVE this tee!

  2. You have a budding fashionista there......love that TEE!!!!


  3. Adorable! love the pink coat in contrast with the dark denim and grey!!! tres chic, xo C. (HHL)

  4. Oh, she is just the cutest in her sweet little hat. My girls would love this tee!

  5. OH my, she is precious....I love this...I bet you guys together turn many heads!

  6. i hear you about enjoying the last few days of fall. almost all the leafs blew off this weekend! ava looks so cute in the tee...i think lyla needs one ; )

  7. Dearest Susan,
    Very lovely outfit in great colors too; Ava's Mama knows what to get for her cute little daughter!


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