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Monday, November 11, 2013

Introducing Budsies : Turn Art into Forever Friends

When I was contacted by Budsies to collaborate with them on the creation of a custom stuffed toy, I knew without a shadow of a doubt what piece I would choose to work with it. 
Budsies takes your child's original artwork, {which let's face it, typically goes from knapsack, to fridge, to box} and turns it into a lifelong keepsake. 

Let me take you back to Isabella's eighth grade french class for just a moment. 
Each of the students was asked to create a children's story book, complete with illustrations.
At that time, Isabella drew an adorable character and wrote "Le Monstre Violet". 
The main character, "the violet monster" has been sitting on my desktop as an image since then. The cut-out version of it is pinned to my office cork board. 
He struck a cord with me for some reason and has been a favourite drawing ever since. 
Here is the original:
I sent in this drawing via email to Budsies. 
It took all of 30 seconds. 
Other than that, the only thing I had to provide was my mailing address.
We patiently waited for "Le Monstre Violet" to arrive. 
And when he did? I would be lying if I didn't say that I almost cried tears of joy.
He looked exactly like I thought he would! 
And he was perfect.
Now, I just to need to figure out a way to pry him away from ms. Ava Grace.
She's named him, her "baby monster" and hasn't let him out of her sight since he arrived in his sweet before + after tote bag pictured above.
We may or may not bring him everywhere we go.
And I kinda like it. 

Budsies has graciously offered up a chance for one of my readers to create their very own Budsie just in time for Christmas! 
A.R.V. of $69.
Open to residents of the U.S. only.

Good Luck! 


  1. omg it looks so cute. i want to do this in the future :D

  2. love love i want a little monster :)

  3. What a great idea! I learned that it only takes 2-4 weeks, that's fast!

  4. I learnt that each animal is 16" .... that's a fabulous sized stuffy. Ohhhhh man my nephew would just looooove this.

  5. I learnt that each animal is 16" .... that's a fabulous sized stuffy. Ohhhhh man my nephew would just looooove this.

  6. What a fantastic idea & such a great gift! Ax

  7. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! I need this! SOOOOOOO cute. My oldest in obsessed with stuffed animals!! I had to put a ban ...no more animals...but this is too cute to pass up!

  8. Shut up. This is the cutest idea ever! p.s. The Rafflecopter isn't showing up for me!

  9. Loving the give back program for Nov! What a fabulous idea.

  10. OMYGOSH! this is tres adorable ... I can see why Miss A. is not giving up "Le Monstre Violet".. hugs, C. (HHL)

  11. oh my gosh! budsies!?! i love this idea!! i need to save it for when my son gets a little bit older and is a bit more coordinated! ;)

    Sandy a la Mode

  12. i love the story behind the product, the giving back, ava's curls, and hopefully that math will help me win this ;)

  13. I love this idea, I love that it's easy and the turnaround is pretty quick!

  14. I learned that they have stuffed animal templates if you need inspiration.

  15. This is amazing, making children's dreams into a reality :) I learned that shipping only takes 6-8 weeks, amazing for something custom!

  16. I like that its easy to order with a simple upload of the picture.

  17. In November they donate a duplicate stuffed animal to a child in need


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