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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Kid's Christmas Wish List '13

In our circle, there are just a few little ones left to buy for {always my favourites on the list!} as all of the rest of them have all but grown up.
And teenagers? As my SIL puts so wisely, want gift cards or cash. Sadly, true. 
For those of you still blessed to be buying for younger children, here are a few of the things that I am eyeing or that we already own and love. 

Children's Xmas Wish List

1. These are the only item on my daughter's {yes, I know} Christmas list this year. I think they're equally way more adorable for little boys + even littler ones. $69.99/$54.99

2. Tulle skirts are ALWAYS a good idea. Especially when they are $5.95. Why not get one in each of the 4 colours? I can't think of a good reason not to. Find them here.

3. Each of my children always receives new jammies at Christmas. It's a tradition that I never plan on changing + find that even though they're getting older, they still get pretty excited about knowing they will get a new pair. This year, it will be onesies all around. Still deciding on whether or not to get footed ones. $20 {on sale!}

4. We just received one of these for Ava from Stuck on You and I cannot tell you how incredibly cute it is! Hoping to have a full review up on the blog this week but in the meantime, I think this is a brilliant personalized gift for the holidays. $29.99

5. This has to be one of the coolest iphone cases I've ever seen. R2D2?! My son isn't old enough for a phone yet but I know he would totally love this one. $35

6. The trapper hat. This one never gets old. I love the way kids look in these and the fact that they are the perfect accessory for the cold winter months ahead. Ridiculously cozy + on sale for 20% right now at The Gap. Find it here. $14.95

7. Julian already has this. And read it in 2 nights which means it is F.A.B. We own them all, love the movies and quote lines from both on a regular basis. Greg Heffley's in my room Rebecca...   Canada here / US here $12/$8

8. You may remember this dress from here. I love this FabKids dress for many reasons the most of which is it's versatility and the fact that layered, it can quickly transition from summer to winter. On sale for Black Friday, $14.95

9. The girls and I were out at Chapters this past weekend and fell head over heels in love with this bear plush. Not sure if the picture does it's size justice but this cutie is huge! Soft as can be and the perfect addition to any child's room. Or mine. $39

And last, but certainly not least. ANYTHING from J. Crew's retro toy section, here. These brought back so many happy memories! This is my favourite. I think. 

You'll be happy to know that I've officially started my shopping! Not sure if I'll achieve my December 1st goal but I hope to be close.
Tell me, what's on your kid's Christmas list?

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  1. $5.95 for that adorable tulle skirt? I think I need to stock up! :)

  2. OMYGosh she would look tres adorable in those Timberlands !!! Stay safe and warm with the expected snow storm...

  3. great finds! e is obsessed with stuffed animal...so much that i had to put the band on them as a gifts or purchases lol. They were taking over my house! I may or may not have gotten her a GIANT stuffed moose for Christmas :)

  4. My boys first walkers were baby Timberlands! They were a gift & looked so fab on him! We saved them & our gorgeous girl even wore them a few times & many people commented on how cool they were! I wish my 2 would do onesies but they both refuse! Ax

  5. Those plaid pajamas and that tutu are so adorable!

  6. I love all of these things, they are just so adorable! I have 2 grandchildren, 2 and 5 and a great nephew who is 13 months old and I love shopping for them!

  7. i would love to buy my niece some nice clothes.

  8. dress number 8 is so cool even i want it :)


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