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Monday, October 21, 2013

Reader Question

Received this question from a reader + thought I would share in case anyone else if feeling like they need to update a classic.
"I bought a classic camel coat some years ago and don't really feel it's "me" anymore. I feel bad not to wear it anymore because it's great quality and it wasn't cheap!" 

I personally have what may be the most simple camel coat ever.
And I've had it for going on 10 years I'm sure.
A true classic.
So many options...here are 3.

The coat used throughout is as simple a camel coat as I could find and quite similar to the one I personally own. Mine is full length vs 3/4 but either way, a piece that can easily transition from dress to casual + back again. 
Never part with it.

PS - if you have a question you might like answered, feel free to email me! Happy to help if I can. 


  1. Great advice Susan - I love all these options. I gave away an amazing one a couple of years ago because I was sick of it... and I miss it!!

  2. You gave her some excellent options and directions to think...a great camel coat is worth holding on to!!

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  4. I have almost exactly the same coat and therefore your stylings are made for me :-)
    Great inspirations, I love them all!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  5. super cute looks! i have a coat like that except it is ballerina pink...i haven't worn it in years..i might have to pull it out :)

  6. Love all the options, but boy that last one is my fave! I have a vintage swing camel coat. Unfortunately we live where I don't have to wear a coat that often.

  7. Dearest Susan,
    Camel with black is always a very good marriage! It is timeless and you can update with the black and still keep the most valuable piece for decades. Considering you stay in shape for fitting inside.

  8. All 3 looks are amazing & I can't decide if I like look 1 or look 3 the best! Great ideas & advice! Ax

  9. Great ideas to update a classic coat. I really liked the monochrome look. Great post!


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