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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mommy + Me : Fall + Winter Ready

I have been so amazed lately with the on-trend fashions available for children; don't even get me started on all the craziness out there for little girls specifically. 
Embellished sweatshirts, faux-leather everything and a healthy dose of slogan printed offerings make transitioning into the colder months fashionably, equally simple for both the big + little women in your life.

Mommy + Me

 the windowpane print {mommy :: little} | the embellished sweatshirt {mommy :: little}
the pastel coat {mommy :: little} | the wood-heeled bootie {mommy :: little}
the printed toque {mommy :: little} | the drawstring cuffed pant {mommy :: little}

Where are your favourite places to shop for your little one? 

Ava's favourite's include H + M Kids, Zara Kids and The Gap. 
Here's hoping Crew Cuts makes it's way north soon! 
Happy Thursday. 


  1. I think half of my kiddos' closets are filled with Crew Cuts. The other is a mix of H&M, GAP, and Target. We need a Zara Kids here!

  2. Aww, these are so cute! I'd have a blast dressing a little kid right now. Especially if I didn't have to pay for it hehe ;)

    aka Bailey

  3. Dearest Susan,
    One has a hard time to select as they all are so cute!
    Happy Sunday to you.

  4. I just pinned that JCrew sweatshirt last night, I love it so. Great pics!

  5. These are such cute finds...and um hello pastel pink!

    I have the hardest time shopping for my oldest she is 6 but is sooooo tall she wears a 9/10 in clothes and remember she is 6 NOT 10 so often the clothes are baggy or not age apporiate ... we still love the childrens place and gap and old navy :)

  6. Adorable finds .... shopping for little girls is always so much fun! I always enjoy shopping for God-daughter and my friend's two daughters. I like Burberry ; Gap. Happy week - C. (HHL)


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