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Thursday, September 26, 2013

What Ava Wore : Dear Ava

This kid.
She kills me.
Every day is a new chance to share in the joy that is Ava's World. 

sweater - Baby Gap {no longer available, love this one}
denim jacket - Baby Gap {old} options one + two {30% off!}
jeans - H + M Kids
shoes - Old Navy
Dear Ava,
Now you're 3 and a half. 
You started swimming lessons this past weekend and we could barely believe it when you got right in. 
You see, your older brother? He wouldn't. He sat on the stairs and cried. 
Looking for mama.
He lasted precisely one half of one class.
You are SO brave.
Not afraid of anything this girl of mine.
You have ants in your pants. And just CANNOT stay still. 
Always jumping. Even while on the pool deck waiting for your turn to jump into the instructor's arms.
You still don't like water on your face but you'll get there.
We have full fledged conversations you and I. I guess it's because I am talking to you {or at you?} ALL THE TIME. Poor thing, you have no choice but to respond and try to keep up. 
Your mama likes to talk. And so do you.
You are still not much of an eater. And still drink enough milk to feed a small country. 
You love pasta, strawberries, chocolate and "cumbercues". 
Pizza too. 
And going out for dinner. You love that.
I think it's because you're such a social butterfly.
Always ready to talk to anyone and make a new friend. 
If  someone asks you what your name is, you reply "Ava Grace" 
When asked how old you are, you usually say "10".
And anytime of day or night is "7 and 30" for you. 
I never want to forget these things.
You are truly one of a kind.
And I wholeheartedly believe you are going to do big things one day.
Love you my sweet girl.

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  1. So awesome to have a space to write these things down - it's so easy to forget all the sweet things they do and say at every stage. :)

  2. awww...Susan she is adorable...loved reading that it brought a huge smile to me....

  3. Dearest Susan,
    Certainly I wouldn't mind getting killed but such a cute girl... She is such a joy one can tell by looking at your photos. Her life is getting very well recorded digitally!

  4. awwwwww!!!!! very very very sweet!! Love all your little thoughts about her :)

  5. I love her hair -mine looks just like hers although, to be honest, it looks way better on her!! I just realized she is a few months younger than my youngest boy!!

    From PDX with Love

  6. What a cutie pie. I love those shoes from Old Navy!

  7. Thanks for the smile! Ava looks tres adorable and those shoes!!! LUV! ... She is such a fabulous young lady. Hugs, C.

  8. such a cutie. She is so adorable and great job on the outfit.

  9. She sounds like a go getter - like her momma! :) She is a mini-you --- so beautiful! I love that she says she's 10 -- she truly believes it I bet. :) You two make a great team while on a play date I'm sure. Love you both! (and miss you!)

  10. HOLY COW!!! She is SUPER adorable! Baby model?


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