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Thursday, September 12, 2013

What the boy Wore : FabKids

Remember when I told you all about FabKids in this post?
Well, as promised, they launched a boys line! 
Equally cute styles + equally cute albeit blue packaging.
The quality of the cotton is just superb...Julian insists this outfit is just as comfortable as his pj's.
And based on the fact that he wouldn't take it off, I believe him.
skull shirt/orange shirt - c/o Fab Kids
camo athletic pants - c/o Fab Kids
baseball hat - Nike
glasses - Zara
sneakers - Pjobi
All 3 of the above pieces? $39.95.
Sign up as a new member and receive 50% off your first outfit purchase.
Shipping? Always free.
Love that.
See all of the available styles and take your little one's style quiz by visiting FabKids here


  1. I got the skull shirt with the orange pants!!!! He is adorable!!!

  2. what a little heartbreaker...watch out mama :)

    boy are the hardest to shop for! I dislike 90% of the boys clothes I see...these I lOVE!!!

  3. He looks so great! I'll have to check out the site for my little guy. :)

  4. He's so cute, trendy & stylish boy:)

  5. So cute this boy!
    Lovely outfit!
    Nice post!

  6. Cute!
    http://www.pinterest.com/maki4toma Fallow me!

  7. I loved the look. Every charming!


  8. The pictures and, and he is so cute, adorable!

  9. love the first one!he looks so cute :)


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