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Thursday, May 16, 2013

What Ava Wore : Messy Buns and Dandelions

Someone, and we won't name names, is full on terrified of bugs lately.
Ants particularly, but she doesn't like flies much either.
It has been tough to even get her outside.
I'm hoping this is just a phase?

on Ava:
sequined fleece - DKNY Kids
leggings - Zara Kids
shoes - See Kai Run
Know that we lasted exactly 3 minutes at the park as witnessed by the above photo where she is probably pointing out a bug in the distance.


  1. Oh bless her lil' heart!! My 3yr old daughter is fearless but my 5yr old son screams like crazy whenever anything flies past!! Its a worry! I love her leopard print leggings! Too cute! Andrea


  2. One chic little lady! Love the leggings! :)

  3. She is super cute! My little girl is also afraid of bugs if she sees an ant she takes off running! ha

  4. Aw...how cute is she? And my six year old daughter screams like a banshee whenever a fly comes near here.

  5. When we return ... miss A. Needs to come to the country ... She will forget all the bugs among the flowers... Xo C. (HHL)

  6. so cute!

    my little brother was terrified of bees one summer and wouldn't go outside...my sister and i really wanted to walk and get ice cream but we knew he wouldn't go ... so we told him there were puppies up the street we could go see them ... and every blocked we walked we kept saying " i think it is up one more street" until we got to the ice cream store.

    so mean.

    good thing i don't parent the same was i treated my siblings.lol

  7. I don't blame her for being terrified of ants, especially, fire ants. Those bites hurt. She is beautiful.

  8. Dearest Susan,
    Guess this is temporarily; they are on a discovery journey at this age!
    Love her cute outfit and the shoes made me laugh. Just got a top with jeans fabric pansy like that, as well as on the jacket's lapel and jeans legs bottom.
    Hugs to you,

  9. She is soooo cute!! I just love her curls! :)

    When I was little my best friend and I used to make ant-killing concoctions and put them in a spray bottle. I don't know if it worked, but i felt armed and ready!

  10. My girl is terrified of ants too, and spiders, but the ants keep her worried that's for sure.


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