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Thursday, April 25, 2013

What Ava Wore : Flower Child

Just yesterday morning I said to my husband how much I wish I could freeze Ava right now. The stage she is at. This age, this size.
The cuteness factor is on overload.

She repeats everything back and always in the form of a question.
I will say "let's go get a coffee". She says "go get a coffee?".
Yes, we'll get coffee and maybe a muffin for you. "A muffin?"
Yes. A muffin. 
And I have to stop and get some gas. "Get some gas?" 
You get the picture. 

I am sure that if someone watched us during the day, they would think this mama was cra.zy
I am forever laughing at her. Egging her on.
And she goes right along with it.
Like that time I told her to jump on the couch.
on Ava:
t-shirt and leggings - Baby Gap
God, I love this kid. 

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  1. Dearest Susan,
    LOVE that phrase of wanting to 'freeze' Ava in time...
    Enjoy it to the fullest and take pictures like this! That will one day tell her the story of her cute beginning.
    Happy times together.

  2. OMYGOSH!!! ADORABLE!!! ... she is a perfect blend of both her brother and sister ... those cheeks, the big eyes ... the facial expressions .. priceless.

  3. Kids definitely have a "freeze age" and I think it is a different time for each kid. She is adorable!

  4. She is so pretty. Adorable kid. I get what you mean, repeating what you said and in form of a question my daughter do that too.

  5. She is so adorable. My son is into the fun stages and he loves to entertain his mommy and daddy.

  6. What a doll! It's funny how every kid hits an age where everything just seems to click and they are just so much fun. Make the most of every day :)

  7. She is just gorgeous!

    Welcome to Collective Bias!

  8. truly cuteness overload! I can say it a million times, she's so cute!

  9. Those eyes crack me up.

  10. So the truth comes out! Thanks for sharing that Mummy is the instigator too! I need to relax more! :-)

  11. Adorable! Sounds like a fun stage! How old is she?

  12. adorbs! i can see why you love her so!

  13. Cutie! Love all her faces! Her hair is just like my girl's, all those curls!

  14. Awww... keep delighting in that little gal! She is wonderful! :)

  15. Shes a doll! Love her and love her mama too :) Such a personality!!!!



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