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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Party Like A Rock Star : Celebrating 11

As it relates to birthdays, the month of April is a busy one for us.
Well, it actually starts March 22nd with ms. Ava. March 28th with my mama's.
Then its my dad on the 6th, husband on the 11th, Julian on the 12th, and my own on the 29th. 

Here's a peek at Julian's soiree to celebrate 11. 
Please know that we were leaving for Florida early the next morning hence the delay in sharing.
What was I thinking again? 
1 Welcome to the gig {my brother created these, aren't they fun?}
2/3 the candy "bar" 3/4 decor/favors
5/6/7 photo booth fun
8 even my littlest rock star gets in on the action
9/10 cake and a {somewhat reluctant, pls notice the death grip} photo with mama
The party was a huge hit even though I didn't get many takers in the tattoo parlor.
I was actually surprised by what good sports they were about the whole thing.
Rock Stars.


  1. What a fun idea! Totally tucking this one away for the future.:)

  2. love! i want a candy bar for my birthday . not even kidding!!

    hope he had a great birthday!

    your april birthdays are just like our august birthdays.

  3. wow!!! I want a rock star party!! LOL! You did a fab job, Mom!! ;)

  4. perfect!! this looks like any youngsters dream!!!!

  5. so fun! i love the pic of ava the rockstar!

  6. Happy Birthday, dude!! :D

    From PDX with Love

  7. What a fun party! You organised it so well!
    I remember those birthdays whem my children were young. A lot of work but it was well worth it - great memories.

    Lady of Style
    now on Facebook

  8. AW how fun! Looks like he had a great time celebrating :)

  9. Such fun party ideas for a pre-teen!! What a celebratory spring you all have in your family!! Happy Belated Birthday to you!! I hope you had a day as beautiful as you are! :)


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