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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Home Tour : The Heart of the Home

If I could do things over, and was just buying a home today for the very first time? I would focus on such different things.
First off, the kitchen. 
We fell {well, mostly me} head over heels in love with ours when we first saw the house. 
I didn't focus on important things like say, counter/prep space or cupboard storage.
I, like most women, got caught up in the emotional part of it. 
Look how pretty it all looks! 
Look at the color! The back splash! 
Needless to say, I still love it. 
But try to get more than two people in the work area and it's all bad. 
Probably why I prefer to cook solo. 

Secondly, closet space.
I know that doesn't have anything to do with a kitchen. 
But since we're talking heart of the home and where you spend most of your time?
The kitchen is first and {ahem} the closet is a close second.

Winner of the $1000 visa gc has been chosen and will be announced here soon! 
So exciting.


  1. Beautiful kitchen. Our kitchen is the hub of the house. I hope someday to freshen up the style...but I love how ours opens into the family room...that is where we really live.

  2. Yes, your kitchen is gorgeous!!

  3. Beautiful kitchen! I'd fall in love with that one too if I were house shopping.

    And yes, closet space. I was just thinking this morning that I love pretty much everything in my house except the master closet. I have ample storage everywhere else. But the closet... sigh.

  4. The kitchen really is the heart of the home ~ and yours is a gorgeous one. xo C. (HHL)

  5. That kitchen is lovely. Mine is super open and bright. I painted it mint green :)

    The Nautical Owl

  6. You have a beautiful kitchen!! I really love it!

  7. I have yet to purchase my first home. I hope that day arrives soon. But I have long known that a big nice kitchen ( I love cooking and entertaining) and lots of closet space (I currently have no where near enough space for my clothes) are super important. Your kitchen looks beautiful.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

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  8. Oh my goodness! Your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous, I hope to have a kitchen like that some day! :)


  9. Ahhhhhh! it's like the heavens opened up and angels decorated your kitchen!!

  10. Oh my gosh, you're killing me! I would die for that kitchen! Your kitchen is probably bigger than my whole LA apartment LOL It's truly beautiful!

    Thank you for linking up with the Anything & Everything Blog Hop!

    xo Tori


  11. When we bought our home, we looked at potential bar space in the basement. Seriously. We thought that our home was going to be our "starter" home and now we are lifers.
    We are about to demo the kitchen in a few months. i can't wait.
    I love yours!

  12. love love love your kitchen!! ours are the exact opposite! I have dark cabinets and dark granite...i wish i could cook solo lol

  13. kitchen is the gathering place in our house! beautiful space you have here :)

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  14. Thank you for linking up with the Anything & Everything Blog Hop! I loved this post and as a wanna-be Martha Stewart I could do some serious baking in your kitchen! I have featured this post this week and I hope you come by and link up again!

    Brittany @ The Sapphire Bee


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