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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Home Tour : Where the Magic Happens

I have always wanted to say that.
So there.
Le master bedroom. 
Basically, the space is a large rectangle with a hallway at the back (to the left of the large chair) that leads to the walk-in closet on one side and the ensuite bathroom on the other.
 It is definitely the weakest room in the house as it relates to both layout and closet space. That said, we did our best to maximize the space and where it lacked, we compromised, read: we created a secondary closet {or rather my father did} in the basement and use it to store our off-season wardrobes. 
Not ideal but definitely manageable. 

You can't see them in these photos but there are 2 chandeliers in the space. The lighting against the blue.gray paint creates a super warm atmosphere.
I will say, if you are looking to re-paint your own or a guest bedroom, I would highly recommend this tone.You can't help but feel relaxed when you enter.
Might be why I so enjoy an afternoon nap. 

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  1. Beautiful! Love the colored walls and your bed spread.

  2. Wonderfully done! Girl not only do you have fashion style you have decor style!!! Hugs, C. (HHL)

  3. Beautiful Susan! My bedroom needs an update - wanna swing by Minneapolis and help a girl out?;)

  4. Beautiful Susan, it has been fun seeing inside your gorgeous home!
    xo K

  5. love the wall color /// so charming and sweet!

  6. Dearest Susan,
    Indeed, in the psychology blue is working as a calming and soothing color. Smartly chosen for your 'Ti Adoro' place! Ah, closet space is often built like a crime. We too have to divide seasonal things up and hang elsewhere. BUT the guest bedroom, where I keep my jeans and most suit jackets, we will enlarge the closet with bi-fold doors and make it one foot deeper. Will do the happy dance in March I guess when both rooms are done. The office will get its solid oak flooring after a new wall for that enlarged closet will be raised.
    Enjoy your home and don't forget, we constantly will keep changing and finding improvements! But you are a savvy young woman with keen eyes for things around you.

  7. So lovely! Our bedroom in our old house was painted almost the exact same color - love it!

  8. How gorgeous! I just bought a new house so I've been looking for inspirational decor. This is super cute!!! I especially love the chair! Looks so comfy and inviting.

    Happy Tuesday!

    Redheaded Daybook


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