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Thursday, February 14, 2013

On Love

It's funny how love changes.
It grows in such a different direction from where it once began.
The pensive love. The dizzy love. The just can't get enough love. The O.M.G. we're getting married love!
And then come children.
They change who you are.
They change how you love. 

I remember when I had my first, my beautiful Isabella.
I sat in an upstairs bedroom having just finished nursing.
The sun was coming through the window on an October day, just so.
I laid her down beside me and could not, just could not, get the stupid grin off my face.
My husband walked in at that moment.
I looked up and said "I am so happy". And I still remember feeling like I might burst with the love that I had for that tiny human being. 

From that day on, I can truly say that I knew what love was. 
The purest kind. 
I loved my husband, yes. But this? This was different. 
It changed me.
It changed how I loved. 

On Valentine's Day and every day...
these 3 have my heart. 
izzy and julian, valentine's day 2003
Ava, fall 2012 
Happy Valentine's Day.


  1. I know what you mean. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family.

  2. Beautiful children! And yes, they do change the way we love, don't they? Such little blessings!

  3. You have been blessed with the most precious gift ... not once, but 3 times!!! Your little darlings are adorable. Looking at the photo of Isabella I had to do a double take... Ava looks so much like she did. Happy Valentine's Day! xo HHL

  4. Happy Valentine's Day to you! I'm so happy to have three little Valentines of my own, and their hubby to share them with:)

  5. Dearest Susan,
    Lovely Valentine's tribute in the purest way... How much Izzy and Ava looked alike at the same age! Striking...
    Hugs to you and a Happy Valentine's Day to you.

  6. i know what you mean...i remember my "realization" moments clearly :)

    happy valentines to you and the family!

  7. Happy Valentine's Day! Very true, love does change. For the better.

  8. What a sweet post! Happy Valentine's Day Susan! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Would you like to follow each other on GFC, bloglovin, twitter, and facebook? Just leave me a comment on my blog and let me know! Thanks!

  9. Hope it was a wonderful day with your Valentine's, Susan ... they are just so precious! xo

  10. This just stole my heart, wrapped it in a box and I opened it and cuteness blew up in my face. Love.

  11. such a sweet post and so true! how cute are your oldest! ava looks alot like Isabella ;)

    I like your thoughts about love.


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