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Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Fancies : Emerald City

The pantone color of the year, emerald green, is in the spotlight today.
This color can't help but make you feel like spring is right around the corner.
Even when it's not. 

Emerald Love

Make It Up - Emerald

This pretty shade calls for some equally pretty make up.
I love a bold eye {why not try green?} with a neutral lip. Chelsea Girls by Nars, a long time favorite of mine, would be perfect.
The Lorac product above was my go.to the entire holiday season. This stuff gives an amazing gold glow and a little goes a long way.The closest thing I can compare it to is Scott Barnes Body Bling but this one is even more metallic.
SO pretty. 

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  1. Dearest Susan,
    That is funny, I live in Emerald City, as Dublin in Georgia is called. We celebrate St. Patrick's Festival big in GREEN. Love the clutch, would fit my leather skirt very well.

  2. Love that leopar clutch and I've never tried NARS but would
    Love too:) I'll go vote again mama

  3. Great choices!!! I agree it gives you a feel that spring may be just around the corner... With the temps Mr. Frankie Flowers is predicting for the week-end (11 degrees on Saturday!!!) your outfit choices are perfect. The leopard clutch is a timeless piece.

    You posts are stylish and filled with inspiration for dressing elegant, yet practical. Your approach to motherhood - priceless. I'm voting again - hugs mon ami, C. (HHL)

  4. Pretty! Love that emerald blouse with those pants, and love that you incorporated makeup as well!
    xx, Emily

  5. I am loving the emerald green! I have been buying everything I can find in this color! I love it with the leopard prints! Happy Fri!

  6. Great picks! Emerald is such a gorgeous color and I love the leopard clutch you paired with this!


  7. Love the leopard with emerald! Very chic!


  8. I'm super excited about emerald being so popular this year - love that color!

  9. LOVE this outfit!! those earrings especially :)

    happy friday!

  10. I just love that outfit ... really feelin’ the GREEN this year!!

  11. i LOVE the leopard with the emerald. beautiful outfit.


  12. I have always loved green. Emerald is my birth stone so that may have something to do with it. Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. i have green eyes so green shadow doesn't work for me :) but i love that shirt!!! and the earrings. and the sweater. ok and the clutch.

  14. Loving the emerald color! The outfit looks so well put together :)

  15. Loving the emerald color! The outfit looks so well put together :)

  16. Hmm...that's the color that looks nice on other people! I tend to gravitate toward blues and DH likes me in red. I don't wear a whole lot of green!

  17. I am so loving this color and am so glad it's the color of the year! It will look fabulous on everyone!

  18. I'm loving emerald right now! I love how you paired it with the leopard print. Looks fabulous!

  19. Love emerald and loving the outfit you put together. You won't believe this but it's been near 80 here for the past few days, we were in shorts and tees yesterday. I have spring fever, but it's supposed to be in the low 50s by the end of the week.

  20. ...green, in any hue I crush over these days. Just picked up a gorgeous silk top that i can't get enough of, in mint. Ahhh so lovely.

    I too am doing all I can to get into the TOP 25 Fashion & Beauty Mama's of 2013. You are standing pretty safe with one of the TOP SPOTS, so congrats to you. Would love to have you over to my place, see where I call home.




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