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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Gifting for Children : A LeapFrog Interview

 I was recently contacted with an exciting opportunity to interview Dr. Jody Sherman Levos, math and science development expert of LeapFrog’s Learning Team. Dr. LeVos works on products across all platforms to teach math and science concepts in developmentally appropriate ways using research-based techniques. Before joining LeapFrog, she was a visiting scholar at the University of California, Berkeley, a researcher and instructor, and a math textbook author. She earned her doctorate in developmental psychology (specializing in mathematical and cognitive development) at the University of Alberta, in Canada. 

She answered a few questions about how to properly choose toys for babies, toddlers and young children in the interview below: {And yes, that is me asking questions and as per usual, talking way too fast!}
To reiterate some of the key takeaways were: 
The 4 factors that we should consider as we choose toys for our children include
a. Quality (durability)
b. Age Appropriateness - developmentally are they meeting their cognitive/physical/social-emotional needs?
c. "Fun Factor". Do they come back to these toys again and again?
4. Educational

Always review and consider age guidelines but don't choose strictly on this information. YOU know your child better than anyone else. That said, close attention must be paid to safety standards of course!
Toys that are "too advanced" may cause frustration for your child. 
TIP: Put it away and bring it back out! 
{I know I have done this both with Ava's toys and with toys that used to belong to either Isabella or Julian. It always seems to work. Everything old is new again.}
A neat resource for parents can be found at www.leapfrog.com/best.toys

And lastly, and perhaps most importantly, toys should always allow children to:

Look out for a fun giveaway from LeapFrog on the blog SOON!
Disclosure: This is a sponsored opportunity provided to me based on my affiliation with LeapFrog as part of the LeapFrog Parent Group. No monetary compensation was provided and all opinions are strictly my own. 


  1. This is great information right before the holiday buying season. I think all 4 of those things are important considerations when buying children's toys though not the overall say in what to buy.

  2. we love the tag reading pen and books... ;)

  3. Good things to consider!

    I know putting toys on rotation has always worked well for us. It's amazing how fun it becomes again if they haven't seen it in awhile.

  4. Loved her tips and the interview. Leap Frog rocks!

  5. LeapFrog is great! I find children do need toys on rotation...they get bored so easily.

  6. Rotation of toys makes them feel "NEW" again after a few months of not playing =)

  7. Cool, I love leap frog. I have an extra benefit in my house though, my mother in law owns and runs a day care. By the time I get around to looking for toys, she is an awesome source on the durability and educational use.

  8. This comes at such a good time ... I'm putting a post together about The Boy's toys tomorrow. Thanks for this, hon, as we venture into the Christmas season!

  9. I love LeapFrog because it combines learning and fun at the same time. I have yet to get Jacob his first LeapFrog and Cars LeapFrog book so I'm really looking forward to it.

  10. I totally agree that toys should be fun and also inspire creativity in our children.

  11. Leap Frog has been around for awhile when my daughter was young she had all sorts of leap frog stuff. I've bought some things for my niece in the past year and they have sure have added alot of things.

  12. So sad that my kids aged out of leap frog. GREAT learning toys!

  13. My boys love their little leapsters. And for their bdays they are getting the LeapPad2, the lady at the store tried ad talk me into getting them the toys r s tablet for kids...the Tabeo. i decided to stick with the leappad they are going to be 3 and 5 I thought the Tabeo was a bit much, I mean come on they don't need something like that right now plus Leapfrog stuff is made so good it will last a lot longer, they would end dropping that tablet and it would break into a million pieces. Although I know they would love the tablet...maybe next year. I would rather them play a drawing writing game than angry birds....lol. Okay rambling on here.....hope you have a great weekend.


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