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Thursday, October 11, 2012

What Ava Wore : The little red coat

Ava and I got out to the park on this beautiful September day. The sun was shining and you could feel a chill in the air but it was fresh, not frigid.
There were a few other kids playing and Ava is always fascinated by them.
She has also taken to always wanting to try or do whatever another child is just about to.
And somehow, they always let her go first.
She gets on. Swings for 30 seconds and then wants off. 
Of course she does.
Hat - Roots
Leggings - Joe Fresh
Coat - Ralph Lauren
Boots - Airwalk

"annnnd I'm done."
Happy Small Style Thursday.


  1. beautiful beautiful pic! and the park feels so open. making me want out of the city today :)

  2. ugh.... how is she so bundled up already???? i want cold!!!! love her coat.

  3. I want her jacket! She sure is one stylish chick!

  4. Love! Love! these photos ... you have a wonderful eye for capturing the moment. And how could anyone (small or adult) resist those curls, big brown eyes and that smile!!! Hugs C. (HHL)

  5. I wonder if I can find her coat in my size! Love it! and love the RED! She is just too adorable.

  6. she's so damn adorable. and is it wrong to want her coat even if there's no fall here in my country.

  7. OH my gosh, look at all of those curls!! She's a beauty. Love the whole outfit!

  8. What a seriously lovely coat!! It has been brisk in the evening and morning here...fall has arrived I think! Beautiful little one you've got. Sounds like a lovely morning

  9. What a beauty lil' red combo! But wait.. are you Cndn too? How did I miss that?? You're all officially 50% cooler now in my books (yes, literally and metaphorically). ;o)
    Also, thanks for all your kind comments over here!
    needle and nest design

  10. Such a cute coat! Perfect for playing it but it is so sassy! Adorable.

    I'd love for you to link this up to WKWW-What Kids Wore Wednesday Link Party this week at ONE little MOMMA.



  11. Dearest Susan,

    Lovely Ava photos in her red outfit. Love that Canada hat!
    Hugs to you,

  12. If they made that coat in my size I'd buy it! LOVE that red on her!

  13. love the hat!!! I want one! :)

    if only we lived close we could spend all day at the park ... in effort to wear our small children out ... that is why you go to the park right?! lol

  14. Looks like a gorgeous full day! So glad you and your cutie were able to take advantage of it. :-)

  15. Ohhhhhhh....I love the little glimpses of fall at home. Though I'm not going to pretend to be sad to be missing out on winter. Because. Nope. :)
    Love the read coat! Love the curls! A totally loveable beautiful day!


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