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Friday, September 21, 2012

Update : Fall Beauty

Last week I shared my list of fall fashion must-haves and, I'm happy to report that I have already picked up items 1, 4, 6 and 8. {all for just over $100 I might add!} 
Go me.
Now, onto the good stuff. Updating that make-up.body.perfume cabinet.

Fall Beauty
1. Out with the nude colors of summer and in with rich, dark shades like these by Butter. I love a good red on short, well-manicured nails. 

2. Come the cooler weather, I say goodbye to my barely-there tinted moisturizer and say hello again to my Bare Minerals product. Coverage is fantastic and stays in place. It may be difficult to give up my Boscia BB Cream altogether but I will save it solely for evening wear.

3. Hello stay.in.place.forever dark lip shade! This product by Stila is one of my faves. In the warmer months, I'm a huge fan of their lip glaze {in grapefruit specifically} but come fall, I am ready for something a little more dramatic and this shade fits the bill perfectly.

4. I am a huge fan of an all over body spray {I like this one} in warmer weather but definitely enjoy a stronger, longer lasting scent in the fall and winter. I've recently been using Lola by Marc Jacobs but am really liking this one by Gucci.

5. I love a dark upper lid. This particular shade, Thunderball by Nars, is a favorite as is Nehru by MAC, which I have used for years. Both are more navy than black so they appear somehow softer, less severe.

6. If you're like me, the winter wreaks havoc on your hands and lower legs. I love a good hand cream and feel like I have tried them all. My favorites come from Crabtree & Evelyn, The Body Shop, and L'Occitane. Body lotion's I typically like to keep simple and fragrance-free but I must say, I am loving this verbena all-over body lotion by L'Occitane and it is definitely scented. Rich and moisturizing with a refreshing {not overpowering} lemon scent. I was sent a discovery set by eBeauty.ca and have been slathering myself in it each evening. Truth. 

7. Hands down my favorite liquid liner. Fluidline by MAC comes in a little pot that lasts and lasts. I like to use a small, angled brush and wet it just slightly. Once dry, you can't get this stuff off until you choose to. If you've never tried it and are afraid of liquid eyeliner, this is one to try.

Do you update your beauty routine in the winter months? 
And, tell me, have you ever shopped eBeauty.ca? Pssst, it's 100% Canadian!
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  1. I'd like to try your #6 suggestion. And I'm going o hop over to eBeauty now! I don't wear make up but love lotions moisturizers, etc for my very very dry ugly winter hands! :(
    Happy Friday, S.

  2. i love butter london polishes & the hues you chose are divine! i've never tried mac fluidline before, but i've always wanted to. and i LOVE the nars shadow you chose!

  3. oh I can't wait to fall-- this summer has been a no make up season here Louisiana so I can't wait to get back to my "glam tools".

  4. I've switched to darker shades of lipstick this month. I'm feeling the reds that are out there. Now I need to polish up my nails in that pretty shade of red you chose!

  5. I just discovered Flora myself ... I LOVE it!!!

  6. I change my nail polish and lip colors each season. I also try to change how I apply my make up so that it freshens up the look. Your Stila lip color choice is gorgeous.

  7. Great post!! just like our wardrobe ... our beauty products need a little update to help us through each season. CE and L'Occitane are my go to for hand lotion/cream. Just working on my skincare season change ... next week a deep cleansing facial and than onto the cooler weather lotion/cream (face and body). Time to go for the deeper pedi colours too!! wishing you a fabulous week-end! xo C. (HHL)

  8. I've actually been wanting to try a BB creme for some time. Haven't heard of Boscia. Happy Fashion Friday!

  9. cleaning out my makeup cabinet has been on my list~ thanks for the inspiration to actually do it. love nars eye products. you may want to add this to your winter list (if you are looking for a pencil liner to add to your group). happy weekend!!


  10. My eye's wear hearts with Butter Polish! .. During this coming season, you can wear dark sexy shades without judgment. Happy Friday with Fall Beauty!

  11. I love all these, but am smitten with the Butter polishes!

  12. Oh Gucci...there was a test patch thingy in a magazine I just bought and I fell in love with it!! It is a bit strong as you say but it has that "warm" feel to it.

  13. You have to try Laura mercier's new lipsticks...they are amazing!!!! And they leave a gorgeous stain...love, love, love!!!

    1. I wish I knew someone that worked for Laura Mercier....hmmm....

  14. Loving the polish and that Nars eyeshadow - so nice!
    xo K

  15. my gel liner comes in a pot like that...is the mac "liquid" similar consistency to a gel?? would love to try. i rarely change my makeup for seasons...uh, cause we don't really have change in seaons here. but i may swap my blush from pink to peach, or swap polishes from bright to dark. never thought of trying a different color gel liner, though. maybe i'll give that a try!



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