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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Teenage Years

They weren't kidding.
It's like a light bulb went off and my sweet girl went from her usual cheery self to someone's worst day pms'ing. 
This morning's conversation went like this:

me: Izzy, you're coughing like crazy. Are you sure you don't want to stay home?
Izzy: I have a math test I can't miss mom. {eye roll : I didn't actually see her do this, but I am sure it was there}
me: ok. Which period is math? I will pick you up right after.
Izzy: 3rd. Where will you pick me up though? 
me: Um, in front of the school is that a problem?
Izzy: no. {but for some reason that is unknown to me, it is} 
She begins to cough uncontrollably.
me: Do you want to bring some kleenex with you just in case?
Izzy: in case of what?
me: in case you need to spit after you cough.
Izzy: I don't need to spit though.

I've come to term's with the fact that I can't win.
And when I see her in "that mood", I tend to just ignore her and wait until such time that she switches back from werewolf to regular girl.
It usually doesn't take that long.
So, truth be told...I was {ahem} quite difficult as a young girl.
From what I recall, my poor mother could do no right. If she made me breakfast first thing, I wasn't hungry. If she didn't, I claimed I was starving.
If she asked what I was doing, I took it to mean she was being nosy.
If she didn't, I figured she didn't care.
There was no winning.

Few things are more satisfying than seeing your children have teenagers of their own.
- source unknown
I am pretty sure my mother wrote this quote.

Know that my poor husband doesn't know what hit him.
As I understand, he picked her up after band practice yesterday and she didn't speak to him the entire way home other than a few grunts.
I keep telling him she is wonderful compared to how I was.
He seems even more confused.
Dear Izzy,
We love you even if we sometimes wonder who you are and what you've done with our sweet, smiling daughter.
mom and dad


  1. Oh the teenage years :) Hard to believe how long ago that was already, good luck this year! xo K

  2. Ohhhhh...I feel for you. I work with teenagers, but I don't live with one. And the mood swings of my pre pubescent child is enough to scare the heck out of me for what's ahead.

    Gorgeous photo of your daughter!

  3. Whenever I complain about my three-year-old being so stubborn, my Mom would remind me that my son takes after me. Haha!

  4. Teenage is such a tough time! But I guess our parents made it through! :-)

    By the way, love the new logo and profile pic!

  5. I'm dreading high school for my daughters! I remember how horrid I was to my parents, and I know I have it coming back in spades. The good news is that she'll eventually come around, right?:)

  6. Aw, beautiful to read the deep love between the lines. Your daughter is so pretty! I have one of these in my house. It's a rollercoaster, but we'll get through... Great post!

  7. oh my! I'm going through this right now-- my oldest son is 13 and I swear it's a different child in his body. Great kid but so sometimes. Every once in awhile my little boy peeks through and visits and I'm happy with that brief moment. I heard boys are little better than girls so thanks for giving me the heads up for my little M.

  8. We are not at the teenage years yet... but I know that I am still plenty grumpy when I am sick. Beautiful daughter.

  9. ok sort of laughing while feeling bad for you at the same time!! I tend to keep my kids close b/c I told my sister the other day if i'm lucky Elisabeth will still like me for a least 5 more years so I have to soak it while I can lol.

    wheewww hang in there as you know it wont last much longer :)

  10. She doesn't subscribe to your blog, does she?! If so, I'd prepare for some major eye-rolling, mama! HA!

    I don't have a teenage daughter but I support friends who do ... usually it involves a cocktail. So wish you were around the corner so I could pour you one!

  11. I went through this with each of my 11 kids and dreaded each time. Often I would wonder who had stolen my sweet child and left this beast instead. Right now I've got 3 of them living in my home and I'm going crazy....thankfully, like you said their beastly moments are usually short lived and they have no recollection of what happened.

  12. I was hard on myself during my teen years. I was a people pleaser, so even when I felt like urrghhh...I tried to be nice.

  13. I'm absolutely terrified of teenagers. As in if I see a group of them together I run the other way. I was horrible as a teen... my poor mother. I'm scared to have kids because of how bad I was. I mean I obviously turned out fantastic, but wow... I was horrible!

  14. I can only imagine what it is like be a teenager today. Izzy probably doesn't know what's happening to her either. Thankfully she has parents and family who love her and will see her through these next years... I'll be happy to supply you with some bubbly ... :) xo C. (HHL)

  15. Dearest Susan,

    Hang on in there... time is passing very rapidly and this is part of the package! But of course, ALL players involved in this real life drama/glamour/??? LOVE each other to pieces. That will cement it all together and hold the bond.
    Hugs to you,

  16. Ummmm...so...it gets worse?
    She is gorgeous. It's a teen phase. She loves you underneath all those eye rolls and grunts.

  17. If my kids are anything like I was when I was a teenager I'm in trouble.

  18. eeek! So not looking forward to this stage! Although I thought I was pretty good as a teenager, my parents could tell you otherwise. It is for this reason that I worry about this stage in her life. I'm not sure I will survive it! :0
    She's so beautiful, but you already know that... she's just like her momma!


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