Ava Grace's Closet: What I Wore : Colored Denim
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What I Wore : Colored Denim

I've been on the hunt for a pair of jeans in this exact shade for a while now. 
And very specifically, hoped to wear them with this soft denim shirt.
Mission accomplished. 

Denim Shirt - Jeanne Beker | Necklace - Forever XXI | Ring - c/o Colby June Jewelry
Jeans - Zara | Shoes - BCBG Girls

And that's what I'm wearing on Wednesday.


  1. Congrats Nicole!! Susan thanks for hosting such a fabulous giveaway!!!!!

    Comfy and elegant, you have it covered with this outfit.Luving the wedge shoes, they are my go to for heels (height) these days. Gorgeous necklace. Happy Wednesday..xo C. (HHL)

  2. Love. You look great and I love the shoes. Of course the preppy in me is wearing alternately, red chinos, and kelly green ones !

  3. You can never go wrong with a good pair of jeans from Zara, can you? You look gorgeous.

  4. So adorable. I especially love the wedges.

  5. You really can't go wrong with colored denim.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. You are beautiful, lovely Susan. Those wedges are simply beautiful. Glad you found your jeans. :)
    Have a nice week.

  7. Cute outfit! I think I have that necklace from F21 or one very similar. So of course I love the necklace too :)


  8. the shoes is so pretty, compliment so well with your outfit.

  9. Those jeans are a great color and they look great on you!

    Penniless Socialite

  10. Looking great as always!!!!! Love the shoes!!!

  11. Dearest Susan,

    Nicole is a lucky winner; congrats!
    You do show a love for blue over time... But it flatters you very well and so does the necklace. The wedges are great and the jeans fit perfect too. Personally since I've studied fashion design I never liked the cropped pants since they most times don't create the most flattering silhouette. It is all about silhouette, proportion and fit and we must become smart in slimming and lengthening that silhouette.
    The shoes are perfect for that but the hemline of the pants does 'stump' it off a tad...
    You know those super models, they are blessed with almost endless, race-horse legs and they can pull it off without a problem.
    Enjoy the summer and are you coming south? If you need a coffee break; you're always welcome!
    Love to you,

  12. Those wedges are adorable! I wish I wasn't so tall that I could pull of shoes like that. I'd tower over everyone (including the boy!) I'm also digging the denim shirt - I love that it seems to be coming back into style.

  13. i love zara jeans, they are sooo comfy and i love how muted they are! you looking very gorg!

  14. Love the shoes! You always look so pulled together! And thank you so much for the ring giveaway- I am so excited to have won it!!

  15. You look fantastic, I adore the necklace and shoes! So pretty!

  16. Love the colored denim. I think it is pretty with the blue shirt and those fabulous wedges!

  17. You look amazing...and those shoes are to die for!!


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