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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Loveys & Things

Ever since Ava was able to grasp anything she has been holding onto Bobo.
Bobo was formerly Julian's stuffed giraffe.
He really isn't that cute. Or special.
But for some reason, Ava was in l.o.v.e.
Today, she really can't be without Bobo.
It started off as a lovey she would use just at nap or bed time and has slowly morphed into her bring.everywhere.all.the.time friend.
We "lost" Bobo about a month ago and all craziness broke loose.
We searched everywhere. Twice. Three times.
She slept without him. Fitfully at first.
I called friends who had been in the house to see if someone accidentally took him home. 
I called the mall to see if we dropped him anywhere. I spoke to security and asked them to check the parking lot. Yes, yes I did.
It was awful.
And then, one day, she casually strolled into the kitchen holding him.
We still don't know where Bobo actually was. 
I literally danced with joy.
And truthfully, I cried about the whole thing.
Not because of Bobo. But because of the memories he held for me.
For her.

Dear Bobo,
Thank you for being such a good friend. For letting me squeeze you as hard as I can and for often not getting a bath as often as you should because mommy can't handle me crying and staring at the front of the washer screaming your name.
I am sorry your eyes are all scratched from the dryer.
I am also sorry I threw you in the toilet that one time.
I love you Bobo.
Ava Grace

These photos were taken shortly after Ava's first birthday.
Is it just me or does she have ridiculously big feet?

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  1. Oh my ...what a journey that must have been! So, happy Bobo is safe in Ava's hands. It's amazing the things that we small and big find comfort in. You are such a super mom for the lengths you went to, so that Bobo could be found.

    happy Thursday my friend...xo C. (HHL)

    P.S. she has adorable little feet!!

  2. Aww so adorable, this reminded me of a tv commercial... greetings from Slovenia:)

    1. Branka,
      Tocnu! Super.
      You must watch this video everyone. It is in slovenian but you will understand completely. Amazing.

    2. PS :: Branka, your profile is closed. Would love you to send me a dm. My email address can be found under "contact" above.

  3. So adorable Susan xo K

  4. So glad Bobo is safe!! My oldest has a similar lovey that is his best friend. He is now included in the headcount we do before we leave anywhere.

  5. Love this. So cute. Ginger has a lamb pillow she is the same way with

  6. This reminds me of when my son (now age 19) lost BaBa! We never found the original BaBa, but we found a replacement that he still has to this day sitting on a shelf!

  7. LOVED this post! as you know Jude has a "lambie" and Elisabeth has a " bun-bun...

    I may or may not have a "sally rabbit" that I may or may not have slept with until college...and she may or may not still be in my closet :)

    1. I was thinking of you as I wrote this post. Since I pretty much cried to you during that whole nightmare.
      Ha ha ha.

  8. p.s. how adorable are those photos!!?? You can literally see the love :)

  9. Awww! Too cute. My daughter has a bunny that she's had since she was 4 months old. Her ear has been ripped off twice. And we left her in a hotel 5 hours away once. We were on the trip back home and about 2 hours into our trip, I said "Where's Bunny?". We called the hotel and they found her for us and shipped her back home. Jaycee cried for 3 hours the first night without her. Then she did a little dance when bunny showed up in a box on our front doorstep!! I wonder where bobo went? SOOO Glad he came back!

  10. That is so adorable! My friend's daughter has her "guy" a stuffed elephant. She lost him one day and so the mom bought another to take Guy's place. Her daughter knew immediately that it wasn't her guy and promptly named him Guy's brother. It was so funny. Anyhow, those pictures are adorable and I hope Bobo stays in your family for many years ;)

  11. Oh my word Susan she is so adorable, and those feet are precious :-) We dont have a bobo in our house but we have a blankie that we have lost twice and thank goodness it was retrieved.

  12. She is so cute. It makes me miss mine being little. (They are 16 & 22.) I am glad Bobo was found.

    Stopping by from VoiceBoks!

  13. Awww, this is so sweet! My Little Miss is about her age and absolutely loves Goggy, which is a little stuffed frog that belonged to her big brother too. She takes it everywhere, along with her Danky, which is her blankie. =) This is such a fun age!

  14. This is absolutely ADORABLE!!! Enjoy :)

  15. Dearest Susan,

    What a 'Bobo' Drama with a happy ending!
    Lovely photos and it worked out fine after all the efforts and searching.
    Don't worry about the feet, that's just because of the angle from the camera.
    She's as cute as can be!

  16. So adorable! Jacob has not touched his stuffed toys yet! Only this one cat stuffed puppet and that was only one time! Is Bobo her type of security blanket? I wonder what Jacob will pick for his? He's still pretty much attached to me as his security blanket. LOL!


  17. Oh can't we all relate, I still remember my Cindy lamb. Some of mine have had special friends too. Love the picture's of Ava Grace and Bobo. P.S. watched the video too cute.

  18. Oh gosh, I can relate! Those dirty, grungy lovies become family! They really become lovies for all of us! So glad you found it, and those pictures are priceless! Glad he's back! Here from vB!
    My Twintastic Life

  19. so cute!! my kids never really latched on to anything...no stuffed animal or blankie. for my son, it was just his pacifier.

  20. Such cute pictures! My boys are the same way with their little blue blankets. The world stops if we lose them and doesn't start up again until we find them:)

  21. This is tooooooo cute! You just can't predict what a kid is going to love, but Bobo's are very important!! I'm glad Bobo is back!! :)

  22. Awww, she's so adorable. My girl has 2stuffed kitty cats (exactly the same) that are her loveys. It's a bad time if they get misplaced for sure!


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