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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tulip + I

My sweet cousin, Natalie, owns a lovely handmade shop called Tulip + I.
Inspired by the birth of her beautiful daughter who they nicknamed Tulip {how sweet is that?!}, the studio (based right here in Toronto) creates the most simple and exquisite pieces for babes. Every piece is made using organic fabrics including European washed linen, all handstamped with the cutest sayings you've ever seen.
Know that she may or may not have lived in Tuscany for many years.
And has a love for things that feel as good as they look.

She visited us girls recently and surprised us with this adorable handmade skirt for ms Ava. 
Collared Shirt & Cardigan - Baby Gap
Flower Pin - H&M
Polka Dot Skirt - gifted by Tulip & I
Shoes - Boogie by Brown's
Thanks Nat, we love it. 
Visit her site here and fall in love. 

Tanti baci!

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  1. I envy her curls! She's so pretty and her whole outfit looks good on her.

    Polka dot skirt is love.

  2. Totally gorge. Now, I'm going to have to check out Tulip + I next time I'm in Toronto!

  3. what a presious skirt! and the black makes it look so sophisticated, even with the volume and the polkadots. it is perfect!

  4. Such a precious outfit and I love her hair!

  5. Oh my goodness! That is an adorable skirt! The cutie pie wearing it, doesn't hurt either! ;)

  6. Beautiful little skirt. And Ava is learning early. Enough with the cute shoes. ;-)

  7. Beautiful! I adore polka dots.

  8. Yay for handmade!
    What an adorable skirt.

  9. This one is extra adorable today, love the whole freakin outfit, and Ava's adorable curls :)
    xo K

  10. Love love love polka dots! off to check out her shop ;)

  11. Gorgeous! And the skirt is cute too

    :) Z

  12. Everything about those photos is adorable! What a cute little girl you have!

  13. she is sooo cute. The skirt is adorable on her.

  14. sooooo sweet!!!!! checking the site out soon!

  15. Just adorable! What a fun store that must be!! :)

  16. Just came across your blog, and I love it! You have the most beautiful little family!


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