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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Annmarie Gianni :: A SkinCare Review

It's funny. My skin now, in my {ahem} more mature years, is world's better than it ever was. 
I owe it to a great dermatologist. If you don't have one, get one.
If you're in the Toronto area, I would be happy to pass along my doctor's info. He is so, so good.
With that said, most of the product's I use on a day to day basis are of the prescription {read: covered by drug plan} variety. Yes, I use a standard gentle cleanser but other than that, a good vitamin A, glycolic acid and hydroquinone product are my go-to's.

I have extremely sensitive skin so typically, I will only use products that are for acne prone.oily skin. I'm a tad paranoid although I must say, I never thought at this age I would still be concerned about breakouts, but, I am.
Recently, a representative from Annmarie Gianni Skin Care contacted me regarding trying out their products. I was hesitant because it is an organic line and usually, these contain a ton of natural and/or herbal products that don't mix well with my sensitive skin. 
I let them know this and as such, they sent out products that were targeted to my specific skin type.

I continued to use my regular cleanser but gave up the rest of my goodies for 10 days replacing them with Annmaries's products including:
First and foremost, everything smelled incredible. A huge plus.
The honey coconut mask, which I used twice in the trial period, was seriously, natural enough to eat. It didn't go on feeling tight but rather kind of glowed. And I may or may not have licked my face. 
It came off easily and left my skin moisturized but not slick and feeling as soft as silk.

I gave up using a toner some time ago but always missed the fresh feeling it left me with.
The rosemary toning spray is no exception. It smelled lovely and left my skin feeling great and ready for the oil.
This scared me. A lot.
Oil on what I believe is oily skin? Different.
And fabulous. 
Not kidding.
I love it and may have added it to my daily regime. I did not get even a teeny tiny break out. Which is strange. For me. 
Even my husband commented on how great my skin was looking.
Which is strange. For him.

Did I mention I put him on a regime as well? 
Because I did. Except I physically had to wash his face with both the aloe herb facial cleanser followed by the neroli toning mist every evening.
And then he would layer on some of the same oil I was using.
He loved it. Not sure if he loved the products or the pampering, but either way, his skin looked really good. Refreshed.

You can find all of the above mentioned products and many more on their website.  A really great organic line at a price point that is more than reasonable for what you are getting.

Thank you to the team at Annmarie Gianni Skin Care for the opportunity.

Disclosure: I was provided with a sampling of products from Annmarie Gianni Skin Care at no charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are strictly my own. 

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  1. Hi, Care products are but but i love kids on this blog...:)

  2. Great review Susan, we sound like we have similar skin, so I am very intrigued!

    1. Email me! You must see my derm. I think you would love him.

  3. great tips!!! going to check this out.

    thanks for the sweet comment...I will post some photos of myself...lol...I just have to find some I am usually behind the camera :)

  4. Sounds like a great product line and if it's budget friendly even better. It's amazing how much we spend on products promising miracles (lol) ... to know there are natural products that actually work is good. And Yes please I need to add a dermatologist for my skin care .. now that it's changing so much with Meds (and age) ... wishing you a fabulous day!! Hugs, C. (HHL)

    1. Celia,
      I will email you the doctor's contact info. xo

  5. Like you, I have very sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts, so I am always a little hesitant to try anything new, especially with "natural" ingredients, because they tend to have a not-so-natural effect on my skin. These products look promising though, especially with your great review. I may have to try out their anti-aging eye cream that I saw on their site, as I am starting to notice the beginning of small lines around my eyes (ick!)

  6. Thanks for the review! I have sensitive combo skin that I am afraid to use anything more than water, rose water, glycerin or almond oil on. But these sound really promising. I will need to check them out.

  7. The honey and coconut mask sounds wonderful - I think I might have to try that one! I tend to stick o Neutrogena products - they're easy to get and feel nice and gentle.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Kristina :)

  8. Very nice review...you are moving this blog into and onto the next level. Beautifully done.

  9. Wow! No breakouts!?! At all? You may be on to something here. Going over to check this line out, pronto.

  10. Great review! I remember someone once telling me that homeopathy works by introducing a bit of what you are trying to solve....i.e. oil on oily skin! Who knew?

    Warmest regards,

  11. thanks for this informative post. Now you can use this business services directory to promote herbal supplements import & export business.

  12. After this post, I had to get myself a sample pack of their products... Looking forward to trying these myself!

  13. I thing this is excellent opportunity for me so i also purchase this product for me. Now a days every one like to make natural skin. I impressed by that information.

  14. Thanks for the info. I actually ordered their sample kits and the repair serum seriously lightened my sun spots. I wish I would've taken a before picture. I look forward to looking in the mirror in the morning.

  15. Annmarie was one that I tried a long time ago, but did not have the best results. I'd recommend Amalia on Earth


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