Ava Grace's Closet: A Coffee Date
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Coffee Date

I've seen a lot of these around the blogosphere lately and thought it might be fun to play along.
I am a crazy coffee lover but funny enough, I didn't start drinking it until my late 20's. Before that, I really hated the taste. Even today, I take way too much cream and sugar. It is my one vice. Well, that and diet coke. 

If we sat down for coffee...

I would tell you that Isabella seems to be growing up right before my eyes. She was invited to a pool party on Saturday night and I was seriously worried about her getting into a bikini. She has the body of a woman. Scary. I have to constantly remind myself (and her daddy) to have faith in the fact that she has been raised well.

I would tell you that we've officially booked our summer vacation. And that I cannot wait. We'll be in West Palm Beach, Florida for 5 glorious weeks. Yes, I'm well aware of the fact that it is crazy hot. We love it. Living in Canada will do that to a person.

Ava has finally hit the dreaded terrible part of the two's. I kid you not, she whined the entire day yesterday. I'm chalking it up to growing pains.

My husband has been on a mission to get the house in order. I find we go in stages...for a while we will do all kinds of things and then not touch a thing for a long while. We had the patio stones in the back re-laid this week. And right this very minute, he is out buying flowers at Costco for the planters in the back. The pool should be open soon!

I would tell you that my big brother was here for dinner on Saturday night since my SIL was away with friends for the weekend. He looked so handsome. I kept asking if he had been on a hot date. And he kept saying that yes, he had...and that it was with a 72 year old gentleman earlier that day to play tennis. 

We might chat about how great my shopping trip with Julian was this past Saturday..a little break and some one on one time with my boy. We got his hair cut, bought Ava a few things she has been needing and went to two toy stores. Not one, two. 
On the drive home he apologized for not wanting to go with me initially. And then told me it was "so fun".

I would also tell you that I got a new Kobo e-reader for Mother's Day and I am LOVING it. I would ask if you use one as well or if you still prefer a good old book? I think I may go back and forth. But honestly, have nowhere left to store them so thinking this is a really great solution.

Lastly, I might invite you to my Stella + Dot jewellery party next Thursday. Really, just an excuse to have a fun girls night in while simultaneously supporting one of my besties. Any suggestions on a fun signature cocktail? 

Let's do this again soon, m'kay?
And if you have your own coffee date post, be sure to include a link so I can check it out! 


  1. Very sweet. I love that Julian apologized for not wanting to go. My boys never want to go shopping with me. It is just not programmed in their genes.

  2. I love Julian's hair cut!!!! Very nice!
    My boys are a bit older, and they now realize how "valuable" a shopping date with mom can be. Invariably, they score something they wanted and can't afford on their budget. (We give a clothing allowance) I enjoy those days -- and love watching other ladies' reactions as teen boys help me select a cool, new mom outfit!!! Perhaps they are jealous?????

  3. What a fun post. You would make a lovely coffee date.

  4. What a great coffee date! May just have to have one of my own!

    Warmest regards,

  5. fun! I need to do this!

    1.) we have the same vices! candy bar coffee and diet soda

    2.) I too am going to have issues with my oldest and swim suits and parties and will also try to keep in mind that she was raised right :)

    3.) Jude speaks fluent whine...makes me crazy.

    4.) 5 weeks? lucky duck!! I love the heat...I can't get enough warmth!!!

    5.) I love that you used the word touche correctly...lol!

    6.) I love one on one son time...a rare event for me :)


  6. I got a nook for Christmas, and I love it for the most part. There is something lovely about reading an actual book sometimes though. My last three reads have all been from your recommendation:)

  7. Love this format. I am currently reading a book on my kindle but I miss the smell and feel of a real book. It does stop my house from being MORE cluttered though.
    Leigh @oneandoneequalstwinfun.com

  8. Oh, what a great way to have a 'conversation' with readers :-)

    Have fun on your summer vacation!!!

  9. I think we'd have an excellent time having coffee together! :) I'm thinking about getting an e-reader myself. Space is at a premium and I wonder if I'd be encouraged to read actual *literature* more often...? I used to be such an avid reader!

  10. Fun post! We would have lots to discuss in the terrible two's category as I'm starting to chalk some of my wee girlie's whines & cries to this stage of her life!

  11. Very cute coffee conversation! Your vacation plans sound amazing!! We've always said we'd like to take off a whole month sometime... to have a real holiday!

    I tried reading a book on the computer once and had a hard time. I think I'm going to be a die hard "actual book" reader. That seems weird... why do I like blogs, but not ebooks?? A mystery. :)

  12. It's funny how people think that we are crazy for heading down south in the summer...ummmm hello...we live in winter hell for almost 7 months...we can take the heat!

  13. This was such a great post!!! We have been up to our elbows in gardening between our home in the country and the one in the city (crazy)!! But being outside and the sun --- has been wonderful for my soul - the joints and bones not so much ... but now I'm back to smiling through it all!! YAY!!

    Happy belated Mother's Day! your photos below were gorgeous!! great fun and wonderful memories captured, no doubt.

    Happy week...xo C. (HHL)

  14. Thanks for the coffee date...that was really nice! My son literally has growing pains...boy are they a bitch!! Er, they make him bitch!

  15. Oh man, the girl morphing into woman is going to freak me out. Like you said you just have to know you raised them well. 5 weeks in Florida, sounds amazing! I live in Georgia so I'm used to hot weather (its not going to be below 90 here for the next week). And as for whining, I flat out told Audrey today that I cannot understand or will not listen if she is whining. And she continues to whine - lol!


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