Ava Grace's Closet: Photo Shoot Fail
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Photo Shoot Fail

Trying to get a photo of my 3 together is no easy feat.
I saw an opportunity recently since Julian agreed to wear a shirt. Pink even.
And the girls were color coordinated.

But could we get just one little photo where everyone was looking at the camera.not close eyed.open mouthed.giggling?
Not so much.
It would be good if they actually looked towards the camera.
Ava is more fascinated by the mirror.
I am not sure where Julian is but obviously not interested in this modelling gig.
Julian returns but I can't get Ava to stop looking at him and laughing.
He is pretty funny. I don't blame her.
Ava finds the mirror again (and Julian's forehead).
Julian tries to strike his now famous finger pose and ends up looking like he is trying to throw up. Always attractive.
Giggle party.
I almost lost them here.
I have no idea what is happening. Or why.
They look like they may or may not be singing. 
Ava becomes less interested in me. 
And more fascinated by her hands.
Right when Julian decides to smile nicely. Par for the course.
The very last photo may be the best one I got. Yes, Julian's mouth is open. But it's always open so it's ok.
At least everyone is looking at me. For once.
My babies. 

Happy Tuesday!


  1. They are all so cute! I really like that last photo. I can't imagine how hard it is to get a good photo with 3 kids! I think you did a pretty good job :)

  2. SMILING!!!!!! ...... all the photos are adorable.... I love the 2nd one .... they are having so much fun .. and you captured it - "the moment" ... I predict years of memories reflecting on what great fun (and silliness) they had as Mom tried to capture their youth in photos. Wishing you a wonderful snowless day! can you believe it? we actually woke up to snow covered everything! ... xo C. (HHL)

  3. haha! yes! I love this!!! I just sent my husband a photo at work...lyla is screaming, Jude is making a funny face, and Elisabeth is hamming is up!

  4. Susan I have given up with my three!!! To be honest I like the kind of pictures that you got better than the gorgeous shots. Sure they are lovely and I love to see the pictures my sisters send of their kids but there is something real about the shots where the kids are being themselves!! My dear you have some gorgeous looking children!!! All three are just beautiful and all three have such a spark, you must be a very fun family!!! xoxo

  5. Your kids are beautiful.I know how hard it is to get the kids all together to all look and smile and focus all at the same time to get a good picture.

  6. Your children are adorable! Even when they are being difficult for your photo opp! :) Yes, must agree, the last one is my favorite as well. They are too cute, Susan! But you are amongst moms who have done the same thing...so it's not a fail - it was a good opportunity for a good laugh for everyone! :)

  7. I'm a new subscriber and love your blog. Love the photos of your children. They are absolutely gorgeous.Maria..:)

  8. I love all of these pictures, even though you couldn't get them to do exactly what you wanted. :)

    -Courtney P.

  9. LOVE.LOVE.LOVE. their pink outfits. so cute. gorgeous kids you have my friend!

  10. The last picture is so precious! They wear pink beautifully. :)

  11. These are adorable... shows their cute personalities. :)

  12. so sweet---that last shot is great,I really like #2 & #4 shows how much they love each other =^D


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