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Thursday, April 5, 2012

From one Ava to Another

Our dear friend has her very own beautiful daughter named Ava.
She is about 3 years older than our own Ava. And has a closet that any fashionista, young or old, would covet.
We are so thankful to get so many of her beautiful things.
Including this sweet little dress.
It reminded my own mother of dresses I wore as a child.
The softness of the fabric.

The beautiful hand embroidered detail.

On Ava:
Dress - Sarah Louise (England)
Just so pretty.
You almost wish it was nana's 80th birthday every day. 

Tell me, what do you do with your children's outgrown clothing?


  1. Good Morning my friend! Ava looks absolutely darling!! and how wonderful to have a friend who takes great care of the clothing she has invested in for her own little blessing. And passes them along to another darling little blessing ... I love it that they are both Ava!!

    As you know our children are our furbabies ~ Stella the Yellow lab is not about wearing anything. But our little Dolce, Yorkie, has acquire a little wardrobe of his own... things that he has outgrown - often go to the local pet shelter or to friends who have gotten a new little fubaby addition to their family.

    We do keep a small wardrobe for our God Children at our home (which I love going shopping for them) and when the clothes no longer fit, I do pass them along to friends who have younger children or I donate them to a women's shelter. The clothes are usually only worn during their stay over visits, so they do not get much wear.

    Wishing you a fabulous day!! xo C. (HHL)

  2. I save all of my oldest son's clothes so I can use them for his two younger brothers. The two younger ones are 17 months apart and wear the same size so it comes in handy that I don't have to buy a massive amount of new clothes for them.

  3. what a great hand me down. i usually send Lily's out grown clothes to a friend in WV who has a daughter 1 year younger. with the agreement that they come back in case we have another little girl ;)

  4. I saved all of Elisabeth's in hopes I would have another girl! I have 8 nephews so boy clothes get shared like you wouldn't believe!

  5. I love that dress! It is so sweet and your daughter just looks so delicate in it. :)

  6. Hand-me-downs are great! Her dress is so sweet on her!

  7. Beautiful little girl and a beautiful dress! Your Ava is so lucky to be on the end of those hand-me-downs!

    I have built-in hand-me-downs seeing as how my boys are two years apart. Back when they were babies/toddlers I sold their clothes on ebay for some extra $, but over the years I started donating them and still have several bags going out the door each year! At 14 and 12 now, I am sure I will see less and less going out as they settle into a size and stay there for a while!

  8. Lovely and so sweet, just like her!

    We're putting Madeleine's clothes in Tupperware storage bins, in case she has a little sister some day. :)

  9. I love the dress and your daughter is lovely.

    We have five boys, so their clothes are handed down until they are only threads.

    Our daughters clothes I give away to my granddaughter since they're only two years apart, or to church :)


  10. Oh, how sweet is this dress! I love the detail, the smocking and the lovely pleated skirt. Ava is a lucky girl!

  11. What a darling dress!! She is such a gorgeous little lady!!

  12. How beautiful! It's always fun having friends or family to share clothes with. My daughter is the oldest of all the nieces, so the younger ones are always excited to get her "cool" clothes when she outgrows them or decides she's ready for something new! :)

  13. She is so adorable. We went a little overboard on the clothes when our first boy was born luckily the nice quality things are in such great condition that our second can still wear them.

  14. She is just the sweetest- I love her little curls pulled up in the ponytail! And what a pretty dress!

  15. We've saved all of my son's clothing for now just in case we decide to have another. But if we don't they will all go to salvation army...unless our friends start having some kids...jeesh!

  16. Beautiful little Ava! Our girl clothes gets handed down to a younger cousin. Our boy clothes, I keep. Just in case. ;)


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