Ava Grace's Closet: Double Digits
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Double Digits

Our boy turns 10 today.
When did that happen?
He who never wears his retainer. 
I am surprised I caught him with it on for these pictures.
He who has a beauty mark in the exact.same.spot as his daddy.
He who hates shoe laces.
And most socks.
He who still sleeps with a night light on.
And who would still prefer to room with mom or dad. 
He who might be addicted to chocolate.
And remains a committed carnivore. 
He who will not speak in public.
And won't shut up at home.
He who recently got his blue belt.
Who has tried soccer.basketball.skating.skiing and doesn't like any of them that much.
He who is semi-afraid of cats.
Yes, even little ones.
And who cried OUT LOUD when he found out his mama was having another girl.
He who won't admit it but who loves his sisters, big and small, more than anything.
He who has a big, sensitive heart.
And who can do any lego set. Any time.
Usually while getting out of homework. 
He who we're hoping will develop a love for school. Ahem. Later in life.
Sweet boy, we love you.
Wishing you the very happiest of birthday's! 


  1. happy bday to your lil man! my boys are all about legos, too. fun for hours!

  2. Happy Birthday!! He is too cute!

  3. "And who cried OUT LOUD when he found out his mama was having another girl"...that's priceless! There's a theme out there today of parents watching their kids grow up. Maybe we're all simultaneously worried we're growing old:) Congratulations, and great post.

  4. awwwwwww! Happy Birthday!! Jude hates all socks and shoes...lol...I have to lecture him when we get in the car NOT to take them off b/c we are getting about in a minute :) Jude also is very quite out in public but the worlds loudest child at home!

  5. Happy Birthday, Julian! What a sweet boy you have. My boys have a lot of cute little quirks, to. :)

  6. oh I love it! What a great post about your boy!! Love that he and my girl share a day! Happiest birthday wishes to him!!

  7. Happy DOUBLE digits, to your handsome young man!!! Julian's smile says it all - he is one very happy young man. Give him time, he will love all things school. My brother hated school - in the end he achieved 5-6 degrees all with honours, a MBA , and his is completing his PHD in Education...Julian I'm certain will surprise you equally. Hugs, enjoy the great weather..xo C. (HHL)

  8. That was the sweetest post ever!!! Hope your lil' guy ...ahem oops big guy, had a wonderful birthday!!!

  9. Oh geez, I forgot! Check this out...I showed you some love!


  10. Awww...he is so handsome. Happy Birthday.
    I remember when my mom told me that she was pregnant with #5 and it was another boy.
    I was devestated.
    But I love the crap out of him.

  11. Awww, Happy Birthday to Julian! Love the hair and retainer!

  12. What a sweet face...he looks like he will be an amazing older brother. Enjoy!

  13. Time flies so fast, doesn't it? Happy birthday to your budding heartbreaker.


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