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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Celebrating the Men in my Life

We hoped Julian might make his appearance on the same day as my husband's birthday but he had other plans. 
One day later. {read his birth story here}
This year, we celebrated my boys together. 
No fancy fondant for these guys.
Just the biggest gold medal ribbon ice cream cake we could find.
Which we may or may not have eaten for days later.

We sang. Twice. 
Once for each of the men in my life.
Happy Day.


  1. Happy Birthday Lino!! Cheers to long life, good health and more blessings from the women in your life xoxo!!!

  2. OMG, where did you get that cake? It looks scrumptious! And your celebrations look delightful! YAY for birthdays!

  3. It SO was. It's from Baskin Robbins. Y.U.M.

  4. Adorable post as always, what a gorgeous fam you have!
    xo K

  5. One of my favorite ice cream flavors!! You might have a little heartbreaker on your hands!

  6. What great guys you have in your life!! They look so much alike! Love their big happy smiles! :)

  7. There is nothing wrong with eating cake days after purchase. It is even acceptable to eat it for breakfast because there are eggs and love in it.

  8. Happy Birthday to the men in your life! Looks like you had a great time and the cake yum....

  9. YUM!!! My husband was born, 5 weeks early, on his dad's birthday. AND they named him after his dad. Confusing! My mom-in-law always made my DH a birthday cake and her husband a birthday pie. And then they ate. A LOT! :) FUN STUFF.

    My brother's birthday is the day after mine. Sharing a cake with a little brother wasn't all that fun. Hmmm.... maybe I was just a grumpy big sister.

  10. Happy Birthday to both of them! They look like they had a great time and the cake looks so good! Wishing many more Best Wishes :)

  11. Awe, this is so sweet! Happy Birthday!

  12. It looks like he had a good birthday! Your son is adorable. :)

    I'm visiting from VoiceBoks. :) I'm following through GFC, RSS feed via email, Pinterest, Facebook, Goodreads, Blog Lovin', Google+ and Twitter.


  13. Happy birthday to your boys!!! That cake looks so good. I could totally go for a piece now:)) We have a combo party for my kiddos {since their bdays are aweek apart right before xmas} and I make everyone sing twice...hehehe.

  14. I loooove ice cream cake--yours looked delicious! We are having one joint birthday party this weekend for my two boys whose birthdays are just 3 weeks apart. They are still young enough that they don't mind sharing their party.

  15. ohhhh... so sweet these men in your life! They are so lucky yo have you too! That cake... wow, send me a piece! That looks so delicious. I'm tellin' ya, if we were neighbors, I'd be over your place all the time - invited or not! lol
    big hugs and happy belated bday to your handsome men!


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