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Friday, December 23, 2011

Countdown to Christmas :: Traditions

It is almost Christmas.
Here's what we do around here.

10. The exact same decorations go up throughout the house. Including this nativity set that was sent to us from the husband's family in Rome. If anything and I mean the tiniest thing is missing from somewhere, Julian will totally realize it and go crazy looking for whatever it is he thinks it might be. He is always right.

9. Notice the baby Jesus is missing. He is hiding under Mary's dress. And does not make an appearance until Christmas morning since, you know, he wasn't born until then and all.

8. The kids get chocolate advent calendars before December 1st. I don't care if Isabella is 13 now - she still got a Tinkerbell calendar and will until she is married. Maybe even after that.

7. They also get new pj's every year and open these on Christmas Eve. Here are two of them in last year's. Smooching even.

6. We celebrate with my family on Christmas Eve and the husband's family on Christmas Day. It works out perfectly.

5. We eat only fish on Christmas Eve. Not sure if everyone does this. Basically, I starve.

4. I choose a color theme for gift wrap each year (this years is all about candy colored sparkle :: all wrap is from here) and almost all of our wrapped gifts include an ornament. My mother does this too. As does my brother. Usually something to do with the person who is getting the gift. Sometimes not. 
3. The kids have their own little tree in the basement. They decorate it however they like and I don't help in any way. This way they don't get to touch mine. Can you say brilliant?

2. We don't do Santa pictures. I never have except for last year when there was a free "fishing with Santa" thing in front of Bass Pro at the local mall. Free is good :: so was no line ups.
I don't want to talk about that elf's hat. 

1. Santa visits us every year. And he is real. We know this because the wrapping paper that his gifts come wrapped in is different than our's. And the kids at school? Their gifts are also wrapped in green please don't ever let me run out Santa decorated paper. Julian asked. And they confirmed. So there.

Wishing you and yours the happiest of holidays.


  1. I so enjoyed reading this list! I'll be noting a few of them for our family next year!

  2. We do a lot of the same things as you. : ) I'm wondering if your family is of Scandinavian decent? We celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve which is Scandinavian tradition. Merry Christmas!

  3. Mikki - thanks!
    Katie - my family is from the former Yugoslavia. One from Slovenia, one from Croatia.

  4. i love the way you wrap the presents! plus the way you keep santa a secret is awesome logic. :) xx

  5. love this! my mom got me a chocolate advent every year ( even when I was married) and now she gives the them to my kids...I teased her this year about how she really should have gotten a 3rd since I am caring a future grandchild :)

  6. Christmas at your home sounds so fun! :) I love that the kids have their own tree! What a cute idea! I wish I lived closer...I would bring you some ham or something...only fish?! Poor thing! Love that you get creative and fun with your wrapping paper and hiding the baby Jesus...love it! Have a wonderful CHristmas dear friend!

  7. Great list!

    Happy Holidays to you as well!

  8. OMYGOSH ... Your nativity is so similar to ours ... and baby Jesus also remains under Mary's dress until Christmas morning. Family traditions are great! and what wonderful memories you are creating for your children!!! many blessings my friend, Merry Christmas, xo HHL

    P.S. Santa is real!! As long as you believe there will always be presents from him...

    P.S.S. we do new jammies at Christmas too! and Hubby still insists on getting an advent calendar.

  9. I love traditions! So do my kiddos! We have so many fun ones, too. I love number 9... totally made me laugh! :) And I love that you put ornaments on your gifts. I love pretty ornaments! :)

  10. I love your Christmas traditions! I need to work on ours a little bit more.. basically, we just eat and relax the entire time lol :)
    ok, and what is up with that elf's hat??? :)
    I love that you take the time to do this for your kids.. they will remember this for years to come!

  11. love your gift wrapping skills! and the last picture, the santa opp, could someone please tell that elf to look a bit lively?

  12. Susan, LOVE your list. You have tradition, girl! I shake it up a little... you know, to keep everyone on their toes. :) Started the PJ's thing this year and will continue that -- handmade so I'm proud! Fish??? I'd starve too! (hubby likes crab.. I starve! too much work!) Advent calendars? oh yes!!!! Do you count forward or backwards when eating them? we've done both... not sure what we'll do next year! Santa pics? hate them! (unless they are free! then LOVE them! and yes.. what's with that hat?!!!) With you on the different wrapper thing. This year we changed it a bit... left pillow cases instead -- reuse each year, baby! and yes, Santa's real -- who's asking? and why are they questioning that?!
    Merry Christmas!!!!! (a bit late, sorry!)


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