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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Stylist for a Day

A dear friend of mine is returning to a "corporate job" after years of working for herself. 
It's a huge life change. 
And requires a huge wardrobe change.
Her standard attire consisted of jeans, cute t-shirts, the occasional blazer and cool boots.
She came to me with a wishlist that included a move to a more elegant look with pops of color.
I recommended purchasing items that could easily work together in different ways to create a variety of elegant but still true to her  looks.

I used Polyvore to pull my vision/s together. With these in hand, I know we will have no trouble at all finding similar and in many cases, less expensive options when we go shopping tonight!
Back to Work
To ensure she gets her "color" fix, I opted for a vibrant dress and skirt with neutral basics that can easily be worked together. The leopard print chiffon blouse works with every.single.piece.
With red skirt, with or without bowed cardigan.
With black skirt.
Underneath yellow shift.
Lots of variety in accessories give her the option of more or less drama. And will allow her to easily transition a daytime look to an evening one.

Her own vision includes cream pants. Colored tops in shades of teal.
I see camel.Back to Work ~ Color Splash
Camel shoes. Oh my!
And just one blazer that can quickly be thrown on top of a blouse or turtleneck.
Trousers in cream, black and grey can be paired with virtually anything and will transition nicely from season to season.
A new handbag. She may not need this but this one just pulls it all together, non? And could double as a pseudo-briefcase.

Here's to good friends and a new beginning! 
Happy FASHION Friday.


  1. Wonderful choices!! Very versatile .. wishing your friend well as she transitions into corporate environment. Have fun shopping!! Hope you'll share some of your finds... xo HHL

  2. you always incorporate such vibrant and fun colors...something that I need to learn to do more! I am so stuck in my neutral tones! These look amazing..I would wear it all! :)

  3. love the full skirts!! I can go a while with out purchasing new clothing...shoe and handbag are a whole different story!

  4. very nice....this is why shop-aholics can never fully recover.

  5. LOVE! Especially the full skirts. Gotta get me some of those.

  6. LOVE both of your boards. That leopard blouse and the teal blazer are my favorite! So happy I found your blog through Fashion Fridays! Following now!

  7. What a great post honey! I love all your ideas. Thanks for linking up! Have a great week! Kori xoxo

  8. I love the leopard blouse...I have a thing for animal prints. These look like perfect back to work outfits. Great choices!

  9. ok, love all those cuff leather bracelets in the first one! how fun to do a little back to work shopping with your friend!

    be sure to stop by this week and enter my decorative pillow giveaway! xo

  10. Love, love, love these looks! You did a great job!!

  11. Hello, Love what you hooked up for our friend! Looking forward to meeting you one day! sheri from the bay store...sitting at home with our friend!


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