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Monday, October 17, 2011

A Star is Born

It's someone's birthday today.
And she's 13. A teenager. I have no idea when that happened.

I was only 107 lbs when I got pregnant for the first time and was only a few months into my marriage.
I was so, so sick. 
We had just moved into our very first home a few weeks before. Extreme nausea kept me from staying there. I needed my mama.
We moved back in with my folks while I prayed for it to get better.
I took diclectin {for me a miracle drug} for almost 8 weeks before it started to finally subside.
And I started to eat. A lot.
Especially during the night.
My husband would often turn to find me sitting up eating a sandwich. 
We still laugh about it all these years later.
This girl would go on to gain almost 70 lbs.
I would stare at my naked self in the mirror and ask my husband...whose butt IS that? 

My pregnancy progressed normally.
My due date came. And went.
I was told they would induce eight days later.
Nursery ready. Bag packed. Check.
We were to be at the hospital at 6am. 
They used prostaglandin. Yes there. And we were told to walk around for an hour. I was checked again and told to go home.
There was some cramping. Nothing crazy.
I napped. Didn't feel like eating. for once.
We went back for noon.

There were a number of girls there. I remember each getting checked and told to go back home.
I remember getting checked and told I wasn't going home.
I remember knitting needles. Or what looked like them.
I remember feeling like I peed myself. A lot.
I remember being told I would be moved across the hall.
I remember barely being able to make it from having to stop to breathe through contractions. 
And then, I remember Tracy.
Do you want an epidural?
Duh. I'm the one with the t-shirt. I want it NOW.

I swear it was like a minute later that the anesthesiologist was there.
He asked my husband to leave.
I crouched. Well sort of.
And a few minutes later I was lying down happy.
Truth be told, I often say I never felt a labor pain with Isabella.
I never really felt anything.
Except some nausea for like a minute. And then chills. Teeth chattering.
All that stopped and it took all day for me to progress. It was a Saturday.
I remember saying she will be born on Saturday night. A party girl. 
I was young. 

You're ready to go.
I am? incredulously.
Bright lights on. Nurses everywhere. It was warm. The room.
The obgyn. Not my obgyn.
And out she came.
I will never forget that feeling. ever.
It's a girl!
I cried a little. I think. I said I knew it. Because I did.
They wrapped her up and placed her on my chest.
I stared at her. My own eyes stared back at me.
I felt an instant bond. I did.
I had never been happier in my life than at that moment.
And for a long time afterward.
Completely and utterly in love.

Happy Birthday to our sweet Isabella.


  1. AW what a sweet story :) Happy Birthday to her!

  2. What a great story!! My oldest is going to be 13 in December!! Where did the time go!!! Congratulations to you both!!! Great post!!

  3. What a sweet post. Funny how, no matter how many years go by, we still remember all the details of that baby being born :) Happy birthday to your girl.

  4. What a sweet post. Isn't it crazy how much details we can remember from our labors? Happy Birthday to the Original Baby Girl...

  5. She was a gorgeous baby and now she's a gorgeous 13 year old! I love your reflections on her birth story. You are such a sweet mom!

  6. beautiful girl and happy birthday to your sweet daughter!

  7. Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter.

  8. Beautifully written!!! I could cry!! Happy birthday to your "baby!"

  9. Awww.... so sweet!!!
    You should definitely link this post up to my BOSTB link up today!! it's perfect!! love you!! xox

  10. Oh, her birth story was so sweet! And 70lbs?? holy heck! but well worth it :) She is beautiful! <3

  11. She is such a beautiful girl. Such a sweet post. Happy Birthday!!!!

  12. This is so sweet: I'm sure she appreciates hearing this story from her momma's perspective. Hope her special day was great! :)

  13. How lovely to hear your story! How hard to be so sick. :( But what a very lovely teenager you now have. She is just bright and stunning. :)

  14. She was gorgeous then and now!! Good job mama, she looks like a sweet, happy girl.

    Why did your husband have to leave for the epidural? that's odd!

  15. Oh my Susan ...your daughter is such a Beauty!!! I can sure see where she gets her beauty!

  16. I love the way you told this story, I felt like I was there, walking through your memories with you.

    Here from Mrs. T Naturally, have a bleesed week.


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