Ava Grace's Closet: And so The King was born
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Monday, December 12, 2011

And so The King was born

I knew right from the start that I was carrying a boy. I don't know why I knew. But I just did.
I carried the same way as I had with my first. Was still nauseous from day one to day two hundred and eighty.
I was overdue. Again.
I had a routine ultrasound three days after my original due date.
My husband was golfing that day so my mother came along. She had never seen an ultrasound.heard a babies heartbeat at least not that she could remember and wanted to.
She made small talk with the technician.
I think she liked us. Since she spilled the beans let us know my fluid was low.
I would *ahem* go straight home and pack a bag if I were you.

We left and I called my husband in a panic.
When we reached home, the phone was ringing. The doctor's office advising us to go directly to the hospital for induction.
Now. I am an o.c.d. kind of gal so an induction is right.up.my.alley.
Crazy I know it. But it allowed me to be prepared. Get my stuff together. Have a shower. And go!
We got to the hospital somewhere around 4:30pm. I was immediately put on a pitocin drip.
Things moved very.fast

I remember being moved into a hospital room.
I remember my obgyn coming in to tell me she would be there until 7:30pm. Jokingly she told me to "get on it " so she could deliver me.
I remember being in not so much pain. Giggling.
I remember being in a ridiculous amount of pain.
Squeezing my husband's hand nails digging in kind of pain.
He asked me if I wanted an epidural.
I said I was o.k. Not even a full minute later, I wasn't. 
I want it NOW.
My poor sweet husband. He looked so desperate.
Trying to find a nurse while I writhed in pain. Cursing I think. I know.
The nurse arrived to tell us the anesthesiologist was in surgery and would be a few minutes.
I cursed. Again. And cried a little or tried to. 
She wheeled in a tank. Not unlike a helium tank except filled with gas.
I swear I never inhaled as quickly as I did when she put that mask on. Gulped really.
It wasn't working. Literally. She had to get another. are you kidding me?

The anesthesiologist came in at that exact moment.
I told him I love you.
I may have repeated it a few times. Like I love you. I so love you. Thank you. I love you.
My head was throbbing. I will never forget it. Echoing, you can hear it in your own head kind of pain. It did not go away with the epidural.
Nor did the labor pain. Not completely.
Dr. Houston came in and asked if I felt the urge to push.
Yes I want to.
push. push. slowly push.
It's a boy!
I told you I said. I knew it.
He was. He is. Perfect.


  1. What a cutie!!! He looks so peaceful!! ... His little hand under chin looks like he is deep thought, even while sleeping... Is it his Bday? xo HHL

  2. awwwwww :) I knew my oldest was a girl...I 100% was sure of it :)

  3. Oh, so sweet he is! It's fun to hear about your birth story! :)

  4. Beautiful, Susan! I felt like I was right there with you.

  5. LOVE IT!!!!! I have NEVER wrote about my birthing experience. You have given me inspiration!

  6. He is beautiful! Thanks for linking up with lovelinks today! Isn't Alison wonderful?

  7. Thanks ladies!
    It's not his birthday today...I am either 8 months late or 4 months early. ;)

  8. WOW...he is a BEAUTIFUL BABY. What a lovely way to write a birth story! Bet it seems like yesterday, huh?

  9. Awww I love this story. You're son is ADORABLE!! I remember telling one of my anesthesiologist I loved him too. It's just a love like no other really. :)

  10. What a totally gorgeous story and a gorgeous boy you've got there.

  11. oh, my gosh - he IS perfect!!!!!


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