Ava Grace's Closet: Ships Ahoy!
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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ships Ahoy!

Our little captain set sail this past weekend ~
Ruffled T-shirt - Ralph Lauren
Cardigan - Ralph Lauren
Embroidered Jeans - Old Navy 
Shoes - LelliKelly
She peeked out portholes ~

She climbed overboard ~

She considered going back out to sea ~
But then decided to sit the next journey out ~
Hairbow - The Dollar Store (oh yeah)
Anyone else set off on any exciting adventures?
Sadly, all of mine are of the park variety as of late.


  1. Stopping by from MLP's Small Style!
    I can relate to feeling like all I ever do is go to the park...BUT today I went with my daughter to the H & M pre-opening sale in my city. It was an adventure and a half, let me tell you. Especially since she just started walking and with this new skill has discovered that it is HILARIOUS to walk away from me at great speed.
    But we found some cute baby things. SO, all was not lost.
    Speaking of cute babies. Yours is. Adorable. Love the sweater / top combo.
    And this concludes this novela of a comment.

  2. I love the photos of Ava. Her outfit is adorable. And more importantly, so are her curls!

  3. Her curls are gorgeous and she is adorable! We just went to the park the other day too;)

  4. i just love her sweater and again with the adorable curls....

  5. Her curls are absolutely gorgeous!!

  6. How can you stand to be around such cuteness every single day? :) She is ADORABLE! She has your wonderful sense of style :)

  7. Delectable! (And P.S. we have the same hairbow, also procured at the dollar store.)

  8. omg she is sooo cute! love her!! xxo

    Come visit soon!


  9. She is so adorable! I love her hair!

  10. Ah, so adorable!! Love this blog :)

  11. Ava is beautiful. Love the curls.

  12. She is such a beautiful little girl! I love her curly hair.

  13. oh goodness she's cute!!

    love the matching peeking-through-portholes pix!!


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