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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blog Love

Lately, I've had the good fortune of stumbling upon (no pun intended) so many amazing blogs.
Many of them are very popular already but new to me so I'm sharing:

Melissa's blog at Dear Baby  is just so real. She writes about her day-to-day life with 2 young kids and has recently gone back to work. I can so relate.

E Tells Tales written by Elizabeth; a sweet young gal who just had THE sweetest baby boy. 
An amazing writing style and another one that has me laughing. And relating. Daily.
 I found Elizabeth's blog via Bridget's, Tales of Me and The Husband, so it goes without saying that her blog is equally perfect.

Megan from Across the Pond is another recent fave. She is hi.la.ri.ous. Tales of an american living in London. So fun.

For a daily dose of inspiration, I love checking out Dear Lillie. I am afraid I may go a little crazy when Jennifer's store re-opens in September. She has the most amazing stuff for girls. Her own little one's are STUNNING and the photographs shared are incredible. Oodles of talent. Oodles.

And lastly, to appease my inner fashionista, I love to look at what Bee from Atlantic - Pacific puts together. Her mix of high and low end fashion is amazing! And she owns the red Alice + Olivia pants I'm coveting. Whatever.

What blogs are you lovin'? (no pun intended again)

Do share.

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  1. haven't been to some of those blogs, but the ones that I have I love as well. I love Across the Pond!


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