Ava Grace's Closet: A Change is Gonna Come
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Monday, July 4, 2011

A Change is Gonna Come

Life is about to change around here.
Our new nanny starts today. (freaking out)
She moved into our actual house yesterday. (freaking out again)
It is weird for me.
Really weird.
The only people I have ever lived with have all been related to me.
And the only "new" people I've allowed into this family have all been babies. (really cute ones)
Sheltered? Maybe a little.

She is lovely. Really she is.
And seems to be so happy to be joining our family.
I just have a tough time with change sometimes.
Especially when it involves my babies. 
And someone else holding them.
And temporarily mothering them while I am away. (this part I really don't like) 
I keep envisioning her calling out for me when she wakes from her nap like she always does.
And I won't be here.
Donna will.

Don't get me wrong.
Little miss has already started taking a liking to her new nanny.
And I really do believe that kids, regardless of age, can sense the good in people.
So she must be good people.
I am trying to think about the positive.
The extra help. (Lord knows I need it)
Someone here for the older two (with snacks ready) after school.
Not having to wake little miss super early when I do have to return to work.
Her not having to be in daycare. And get sick. Repeatedly. (so been there, done that)
But still....
I am sad.
Sad to have to leave her.
And today just seems like that day is coming sooner than I would like.

God I love this baby. 


  1. I know EXACTLY how you feel. After 7 years of having my kids all to myself, it's a little hard to pass the torch to someone new. I hope all the good things to come outweighs your sadness...wishing you all the best in your nanny endeavors!

  2. Oohh - it will be hard at first - but you will probably grow to love having a live-in nanny!!! and i am very jealous - so anytime you can send her to my house ;)

  3. it will be fine, like any other relationship.. live by the golden rule.. xoxoxo

  4. I'm going back to work in the fall too, and although I'm excited about being around adults again, I'm also sad about giving up our special mom and son dates during the week.

    Hopefully the nanny works out and you'll enjoy having an extra set of hands around to help out!



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