Ava Grace's Closet: My LOVE HATE relationship with Mondays
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Monday, May 16, 2011

My LOVE HATE relationship with Mondays

Sadly, no matter what I do, Monday still comes around. Like every week. 

The weekend over. 
The older ones back to school. 
And not much left to remind me of the weekend except a few half-emptied wine glasses on the kitchen counter - a reminder of the good company we had the night before. 
The Tylenol pm makes me slightly drowsy this morning (I may be addicted) but thankful for a somewhat better sleep. Even though little miss woke up at 4am. And cried on and off until 5am. (until I caved and gave her a bottle) Sigh.

Today, my cleaning lady did not come. Hate that. (I hate Mondays)
Routine. Alone time with Ava. (I love Mondays)
It is laundry day. (I hate Mondays)
Semi-standing (LARGE McDonalds) coffee date this morning. Weekend catch-up(I love Mondays)
Raining.Again.5th.Day.In.A.Row. (I hate Mondays)
Pick-up mail. Received package I have been waiting on. (I love Mondays)
We have no milk. Which means grocery shopping. Hate that too. (I hate Mondays)
Lululemon tracksuit day. (I love Mondays)
Double-check homework. Read 50 notes from school in a panic. (I hate Mondays)
Caught up on bloghop visits. SO many new followers. And such lovely comments. Blush. (I love Mondays)

How is your Monday so far??


  1. So far so good...had the best dessert-gasm! Lululemon have the best workout clothes!!!

  2. I hate mondays. Hubs goes back to work, I hate mondays. :)

  3. I wish I could say that every day is great..... but in reality, Mondays are a pain in the rear end:
    Mr A travelling back to Germany for the week (oh how I miss his company)
    Always a hectic day at work (I'm never sure why - perhaps people think of things for me to do over the weekend?!)
    Children back at nursery (miss them too)
    The weekly housework cycle begins

    But on the bright side, only 5 days to the weekend!

  4. I SOO love that you had another little one at 39 - how cool is that!

    And, I can totally relate to your love/hate relationship with Monday:-)

    RJ, the HOPE Coach

  5. My husband's weekend is sunday and mondays so mondays are pretty good.

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  7. I hate Mondays too, there's a little bit of love as get alone time with my eldest but mostly hate, thanks for sharing, makes me feel normal - thanks for your comment and follow am your newest follower,


  8. Your post is great...love-hate. I would suggest moving laundry day to Tuesday...but if your home is like mine, by the time the weekend is over the laundry room is packed...lol
    New Follower from vB! Hope you can stop by for a visit.
    Thanks, Becky Jane

  9. you have a laundry day!?! i'm so jealous. need to get a routine down!! new follower :)


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