Ava Grace's Closet: The white T
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Friday, May 27, 2011

The white T

I am forever in search of the perfect white T shirt.
Many have tried.
The Gap.
H + M.
None have conquered this girl.
I don't like them ribbed.
I don't like them v-necked. 
I like them just so in length. 
I like a little lycra.
I hate them too transparent. I really hate that.

Pause for inspiration...
The kids - the whole lot of 'em - rocking white t's some years ago.
B.A. as in Before Ava. 
Sweet non?
And all of them had a perfect white T. (whine)

I have found the perfect white tank.
These I enjoy ribbed.
It comes from Forever XXI. (and costs a sweet $4.50)
The search continues.
For now, I will continue my love affair with my old white T.
This one happens to be from Esprit. (akward self-portrait)
Not quite perfect but it will do for now.

Little miss tries her big brother's on for size.
With the must-have white T accessory...pearls. (and Bobo)
Have you entered here to win a fab Stella + Dot set for your own budding fashionista?

Who makes your fave white t? Do tell.
I promise not to buy them all.


  1. Ugggh! I hear you on the v-neck...just not practical with a little boy :) Oh I soooo agree on the transparent, I can't stand wearing 2 shirts just so you can't see through them...geesh! Have a lovely Friday!!

  2. I can't wear white - I always spill something on it!
    Love, Kelly - A Proud Voice Boks Member
    I've Become My Mother
    I've Become My Mother facebook

  3. My children's wardrobe is 80% white sleeveless under shirts. Living in a tropical climate, nothings more practical!

  4. Darn blogger will not let me sign in under the right blog. So I'll leave this message from my other blog...I love my white tee from LEL ( for tall women) super soft. Thank you for extending your friendship at VB. Hugs Katherine

  5. In search of the perfect white of everything.. may the force be with you to find that one.. then we need an all white pool party

  6. just wanted to let you know that you got this:


  7. Lil Miss is STYLIN!! Pearls make anything FAB!!

  8. Awesome deal on the tank- can never have too many of those.


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