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Monday, May 9, 2011

Could it be the one?

This Mother's Day, we tried (repeat tried) to get a picture of the kids and I - sort of like last years (just minus my 6 week post-partum poundage) seen here...

not sure what was going on here
girls only...and look who still managed to get in the background (note to self: edit boy out)

And as if the picture-taking fiasco wasn't enough torture for one day...
I had an interview booked in the late afternoon to meet with (yet another) potential nanny. (catch up here
So I did what every good suburban mom would do...I picked her up and took her to Starbucks. 

We chatted for a while and (dare I say it out loud??), I really liked her. She was smart, well-spoken and very sweet, charming even. I could almost picture myself shopping with her. This is a good thing in my books. Hubby and I had a plan. If she was "meh" I would have a quick coffee with her and call it a day. If she had potential, I would bring her back to the house to meet him. I decided to. 
Also a good thing. 

I truly believe that kids are sometimes the best judges of character. Both of my older ones took to her immediately. She engaged with them, complimented their cuteness (2 points) and took a genuine interest in their questions. 

"Can you make cookies?!"

Ms Ava walked over in her new-walking-drunken-fashion and promptly took potential nanny's sunglasses and waddled away. A smile was even granted. This is looking reallllllly good. We talked for for quite a while and after dropping her off, both hubby and I decided she could "BE THE ONE". 
Could our search finally be over?
 I tell ya, I certainly hope so.

I am "nannied out".
Happy Monday!


  1. Beautiful pictures! You have a beautiful family! I hope your Mother's Day went great!

    XO Shar

  2. Awesome pictures and it sounds like she really could be the one :) Best of luck with the search!! Cheers, Rukz...

  3. I love love love the photos, and the fact that you, too, are embarking on a nanny adventure. =) Thanks for stopping by CoolBeanMommas.com. Check out my Nanny Diaries if you'd like to read some nanny horror stories, but don't worry I ended up with two lovely angels that make my world a happier and cleaner place! Look forward to your future posts~!


  4. Lucky dog that you got a picture with the kids on Mother's Day!!! I realized while laying in bed that night that I did not have one picture taken of me and the 3 people that I painfully pushed out of my body enduring 1 episiotomy and 4 epidurals (that's right, 3 kids and 4 epidurals!). Needless to say the hubs caught an earful. Why am I the only one wanting to document myself in the children's ife I ask you? :)
    Thank you so much for stopping by Staying Home and Staying Sane....I am gladly following back and looking forward to finding out if this nanny is "it". :)


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