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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What WE wore Wednesday

On this Wednesday, I'm just praying for warm weather. 
Which isn't happening.
And for a tripod and self-timer. 
Which hasn't happened yet.
3/4 sleeve off-shoulder top - Zara Woman
Ribbed tank Forever XXI
Cargo pants - Zara TRF
Embroidered flats - Jeffrey Campbell
Lace trimmed T-shirt - Baby Gap
Chambray jeans - Baby Gap
Cardigan - H+M Kids
Hi-tops - Dr Suess by Converse
Our little miss rather fashionably enjoyed the outdoors this morning.
I somewhat fashionably enjoyed playing around with Photobucket. 
And that's what we're wearing on Wednesday.
pleated poppy
And enter this little fashionista giveaway while you're at would ya? 


  1. Very cute! Love the embroidered flats. And of course your daughter is adorable!! Just checkin' in from voiceBoks.com. Have a wonderful day!
    Heartfelt Balance Handmade Life

  2. your flats are darling!!
    I hear ya on the self timer and tripod...I have the tripod but now how to figure out that pesky self timer...


  3. My girls...
    You both look great today , like usually :)
    And I send you the sun , here in Europe is already hot...


  4. I'm so happy you stopped by for a visit to my little corner of BlogLand...as now I have also discovered your your amazing corner of BlogLand..and yo are a fellow Canadian Blogger .. there are not many of around ... yes, Muskoka chair is often lost on anyone who isn't Canadian or more percise from the GTA..lol...

    Though we still have a home in Toronto , we have been living full time at or country home (Caledon area - ) for the past couple of years .. and have not looked back...

    Your Little Miss, is tres adorable ...and yes God sent you a wonderfl Blessing. I've tried to catch up on some of yor previos posts and look forward to getting to reading more (new follower too!)... xo HHL

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  7. You look fabulous! Hip Momma for sure! And your little Miss... precious! I absolutely LOVE H&M for little girl clothes. I make the two hour drive three times a year or more just to buy Miss B some clothes. They're so soft, adorable, amazing quality, good sizing and affordable.

  8. Love the flats!

    Thanks for visiting my site :)I am off to explore yours a bit!


  9. You look great! And I love, love, love the slippers. Err, I mean flats!

  10. Those flats are so fabulous! And your little girl is precious. : )

  11. You look great! I love your pants... and your little one is a sweetie! I can't wait for a girl doll to dress... I'm working on my cheesecake post on my site for you right now! I'll let you know when it's up!


  12. Oh she's so cute!


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