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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Holy Meniscus!

This is not my husband. 
But that is precisely the face he must have made while playing Rafa's sport in the summer of 2008 just before he was knocked to the ground and ended up like this.
Diagnosis? A fully torn achilles tendon. Ouch.
Immediate surgery required. Wheelchair. Crutches. Weeks of physio. You get the picture.
We still went to Florida that summer and honestly, were treated like we were famous everywhere we went.
Perhaps they mistook him for this guy who suffered the same injury?
Fast forward to earlier this week. My poor husband has been experiencing a tremendous amount of knee pain as of late and finally caved and visited a specialist. (what is it with men and doctors?!)
Diagnosis? Meniscus.
Often referred to in layman's terms as "torn cartilage".
Surgery has been booked for August. Weeks of physio to follow.
Not sure if I will become pusher of wheelchair again.
My poor husband. (and poor me)


  1. I think this is the part in our vows that stated something like, "In sickness and in health..."

  2. ugh poor hubby!! poor YOU!! Darn those vows!!

  3. *sigh* That sucks. Your poor husband...and, you're right- poor you (its HORRIBLE when my hubby gets hurt- I never realize how much I need him until he's unable to be himself).
    I hope your hunny recovers quickly.


  4. ouch, hope your husbands surgery goes well. Following you from the cup of joe blog hop, would love it if you followed me back at


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